Roses and lilies bouquet
Gift of Passion

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272 RON
Hi, thank you for the care you have achieved to make the surprise. Delivered as required. My first collaboration with you and certainly not the last. You demonstrated professionalism and dedication in your work for clients. Congratulations !
D. T, Nov 17th 2022
Mr. Safciu, thank you for the prompt delivery and the quality of the products ... as always
Smaranda G, Dec 11th 2022
Thank you, Stefan. Pleased to receive confirmation. We use services of your company for 4 years. I live in the US, the family is at home in Romania. You have always have been prompt and impeccable service. I am going to order from your company in the future. Thanks 
Ioana, Dec 10th 2022

An assorted flowers bouquet that employs yellow oriental lilies, yellow roses and orange roses. The team of florists at Magazinul de Flori adds mixed greenery and gypsophila so that you only have to choose the recipient, place an order for flowers online, and this flowers arrangement will be instantly be sent through the flowers courier service.

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Roses are known as flowers that express love, and lilies are imposing flowers that convey a royal touch to any occasion. The colors for this bouquet are meant to express enthusiasm, and a flower bouquet that combines fresh roses and oriental lilies is a luxurious arrangement created to astound!

The presentation is simple yet elegant! Florists at Magazinul de Flori will make sure to match the floral gift to the occasion you choose.