Gift baskets

Hello, I take this chance to thank you for the quality of the service and for the quality of the products, I got a picture of the flowers you delivered and think it’s absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with what you are doing
Lucian Avramescu, Apr 4th 2024
The surprise was big (literally and figuratively). it is a gorgeous bouquet (I have not seen it - but I heard), delivered more than punctual (both times). We've managed to be near our mother for her birthday, even if we're 2,500 miles away. Thanks for the second time, even if the first time (5 years ago) we did not left any testimony! Continue all the way in the same way!
Adina D si Dana DD, Apr 3rd 2024
Thank you, Stefan. Pleased to receive confirmation. We use services of your company for 4 years. I live in the US, the family is at home in Romania. You have always have been prompt and impeccable service. I am going to order from your company in the future. Thanks 
Ioana, Jan 31st 2024

Make Your Life Easier and Your Loved Ones Happy with Gift Baskets Ordered from Magazinul de Flori!

You have surely found yourself more than once in the situation when a gift baskets order could have saved your day. Let us assume that you are having a very busy day, when every minute is planned and you realize that it is someone's birthday – of a good friend of a collaborator – and you just have to offer them a gift. But how do you manage your time? How do you find a few extra hours to choose the perfect gift? 

Even if you had all the time in the world, there are still moments when you are away from someone you love and you would like to celebrate. Sometimes, it is impossible to get in your car and drive for a few hundred miles in order to wish them „Happy Birthday!”, but one of the many gift baskets Magazinul de Flori offers can do it for you. 

Perhaps you want to surprise your wife – even without a special reason. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find excuses to justify your absence from home for several hours, and you surely have better things to do with your time. 

Actually, you do not need special occasions in order to send gift baskets. You can do it just to make someone's day more beautiful. You can send them to your collaborators as a thank you sign or waiting for future projects. Sent to someone loved who is far away, they can say that you are thinking about them. Offered to your loved one, they will show them how much they mean to you. 

For your parents, such a basket can be a sign of gratitude for everything they have done for you, a proof of your love and respect. You can also offer gift baskets to your friends and acquaintances over the holidays and not only. Just imagine how much such a gift can mean to someone dear who is going through a difficult time in their life – such a gesture will remind them that you are there for them and they can count on you. 

Magazinul de Flori has solutions for all pockets and all occasions. In the age of speed we are living, such initiatives are real life saviors – they save you time and money, offering, at the same time, high quality solutions. 

Who would not like to receive an elegant package, containing high quality useful products, all tastefully wrapped? Everyone is happy to receive a sign of appreciation, and everyone should make sure gestures more often. 

Why choose gift baskets from Magazinul de Flori? Here are the advantages!

In case you still have doubts, here is a list with the benefits you can enjoy when offering gifts through Magazinul de Flori:

•   The website has a friendly interface, easy to use even by those who are not that used to computers;

•   Accurate images of the products you order, so that you may know exactly what your gift will look like;

•   A wide range of gift baskets to choose from, depending on your available budget, on the occasion and on the person your gift is intended for;

•   Gifts made of quality products;

•   The possibility to personalize your gift with a greeting card;

•   Prompt and fast delivery all over the country;

•   Several ways of paying for the order;

•   Last, but not least, valuable time savings and the guarantee that the package will be wrapped and offered in a professional way.

No effort or stress and guaranteed satisfaction only when ordering gift baskets from Magazinul de Flori!

Not everyone is good at making inspired gifts! For some of us, all the running around involved by choosing a gift, even if it is for someone we love, can be a huge headache: what to buy, where to find what you are looking for and how to wrap it are just a few of the questions you need to answer when preparing a gift. 

Even if you know exactly what the receiver of your gift wants, the problem of buying the respective product and wrapping it nicely remains. Many of us realize in such moments that the wrapping paper has a will of its own, many times opposed to ours. After long minutes of trying and failing, the gift can end up looking as if it had been hit by a truck. This does not happen when you offer gift baskets readymade by specialists! 

Even if we excel at wrapping gifts, there is still the time problem. We have busy lives, we run from work to school, and we only get home late at night. Time can prove to be a problem especially around the holidays, when we have to choose and prepare gifts for the whole family, for friends and, eventually, for collaborators or employees. No matter how skilled we are, we cannot extend time, our days are still 24 hours long. 

A great deal of these headaches can be avoided by ordering gift baskets through Magazinul de Flori. You can easily examine them all by clicking the corresponding section on the website. The menu is intuitive and friendly; by clicking each basket at a time, you can see exactly what it contains and choose additional gifts if you wish. More than that, your basket can be accompanied by a lovely flowers bouquet that you can order from Magazinul de Flori as well. 

Yu can place your order from the comfort of your own home or while taking a break on a busy day at the office. You can forget about losing time on the road, facing the crowds, or looking for a parking spot  as close to the store you need to get to as possible. 

Your gift will be delivered directly to the receiver, in perfect conditions. You can choose as many gifts as you wish, they will all reach their destination safely. By choosing Magazinul de Flori, you can find gifts for your friends and family in just a few minutes, instead of losing hours or maybe days running from one store to the other and looking for the best ideas to surprise your loved ones. 

Give your loved ones a nice surprise and send them gift baskets carefully prepared by the specialists from Magazinului de Flori – they will surely remember your heart-made gesture!