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Dear Mr. Safciu I am the one thanking you for the promptness of your services! I was afraid that my mother won’t be positively surprised although I had made all possible efforts. We are very pleased with your services and for sure I will contact you again when necessary Sincerely yours
Alexandru Mosgorenu, Mar 22nd 2024
Excellent services provided by magazinuldeflori.ro. Thanks for the quality and promptness. i will remain your customer and I will recommend you with pleasure. Thank you once again and I wish you the best day possible!
Mihai Saftiuc, Apr 2nd 2024
Thank you for your promptness and especially for services. Our friend was very impressed.
Alexandru B, Jan 15th 2024

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Impeccably Delivered Flowers Orders, Unforgettable Surprises, Guaranteed Satisfaction – With Magazinul de Flori You Will Never Go Wrong!

Every time you want to surprise or offer joy to the women in your life, you can forget about wasting hours wandering through stores, about the difficulties that choosing the right gift involves, as Magazinul de Flori accepts flowers orders online and delivers them to anywhere in the country in just hours from confirmation.

No matter where you are and what you are up to, it is impossible not to find a solution adequate to your needs. If you do not believe it, let us review some situations in which you may need to offer a gift and what alternatives you have when it comes to flowers orders:

-   Lover or wife – No matter for how long you have been together, if it is her birthday, name day or you celebrate another year together, do you think she would hate a passionate red bouquet that reflects your love for her? It can be made of roses, tulips, gerbera, chrysanthemums, altroemeria or hypericum, depending on her preferences and your budget. If you want to take things a little further, you can add a bottle of fine wine, so that you can savor it together.

-   Mother or mother-in-law – On her birthday, on Women's Day, for the holidays or on any other occasion, you can express your respect and appreciation through flowers orders, with an elegant bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums, freesias or lilies. It can be white, cream or multicolor, according to the season and to the specific of the event, and you can enrich it with some chocolate candy, to make the surprise even sweeter.

-   Sister, cousin or sister-in-law – For graduations, sweet 18, name days and not only, a joyful bouquet of vivid and playful colors cannot fail. To make sure your gesture remains in her memory forever, add a teddy bear as well.

-   Work colleagues, superiors and clients – No matter if you want to show your gratitude, admiration, to impress or to convince, a bouquet of lilies or orchids delivered through a flowers orders service cannot fail. Depending on the situation, you can offer it with a gourmet basket or a gift box, personalized with your company name or accompanied by your business card.  

-   Friends – You cannot forget those who have been there for you, advised you and offered you their help when you needed it. You can assure them of your support and appreciation, no matter the occasion, with vividly colored bouquets, pink, orange, white or cream, with season flowers, carnations, miniroses or tulips, no matter the occasion. And, since something sweet can never hurt, a chocolate or cream cake will help you see the bright side of things in any situation.

Yes, it is this simple! Through online flowers orders, you can get to the heart of any woman, no matter your relationship. More than that, flowers are probably the only gift that goes with any occasion or event. If on March 1st and 8th and at the beginning of the school year offering flowers is like an unwritten rule, you cannot go wrong with them on other occasions either.

Flowers will make any occasion or event even more special!

Is the love of your life or someone close to you celebrating her birthday or name day? It does not matter if you are the one throwing the party, if you are a guest, you meet by chance or you just want to show that you have not forgotten about her and you will make it up to her as soon as you get back from your trip.

The flowers orders service that Magazinul de Flori places at your disposal will be the ace up your sleeve. Choose the type of flowers and their color according to the person receiving them, add an inspired card or offer them in person, and she will be thrilled.

Are you going to a wedding or baptize, or you should be, but you cannot make it, and you want to congratulate the happy couple and wish them a life full of joy and fulfillment? Besides the traditional money gift, the young wife or mother will surely appreciate a delicate and expressive bouquet. It is so easy to offer it through the flowers orders service: you just order it online and the bouquet is delivered either to your address or directly to the receiver, together with your message!

Are you celebrating another year of relationship or marriage and you would like to thank your loved one for being there for you and show her how much you love her? Her favorite flowers or a burning red bouquet like the feelings keeping you together can send this message for you. If you are celebrating with a romantic dinner at home, do not hesitate to order a bottle of wine as well, so that you can toast for your future together.

The graduation ceremony is close and you want to thank your teacher for the support she gave you or to congratulate a young graduate and wish her success for the future? Or maybe she received the news that she was admitted to college and you want to offer her an additional joy and assure her of your support? Nothing can say this better than a delicious pink bouquet or a multicolor one, joyful and encouraging like the ones that Magazinul de Flori places at your disposal through its online flowers orders service.

Promotions and new contracts should be celebrated properly as well. If you are the beneficiary, it would be nice to show gratitude and appreciation with an elegant and suggestive bouquet of orchids, lilies or roses. If a close friend got the big news, you can congratulate her and assure her of your support and confidence in the same way, but the bouquet can be more colorful and informal, depending on how close your relationship is. One thing is for sure: you cannot go wrong with flowers orders!

There are also the holidays, each with its specific air, with friends and family reunions when you have to be thoughtful with the women around you, to buy them gifts, make them feel special, loved and respected, and it is easy to do that when you rely on an efficient flowers orders service. If, around Christmas and New Year, bouquets in red, white or combinations of the two are an excellent choice, tulips and lilac, preferably in multicolor bouquets, to remind of the lively colors or the spring and of the colored eggs baskets in every home are   the best solution around Easter.

Unfortunately, bad luck often pursues the people we love. When you see them on a hospital bed or you know they lost someone dear, words are unnecessary, but it does not hurt to let them know that you are there for them and you want to help them get over those hard times. A lot of people turn to flowers orders services for this, and they assure that the results are amazing: sick people get well faster, the ones grieving cope with their loss easier.

Perhaps there are other occasions when you could use some advice, so here it is: no woman, will ever be disappointed to receive a flowers bouquet. On the contrary, no matter the occasion or the message you wish to send, she will feel flattered by your attention and she will notice your sensitivity, attention and education, she will see you as the type of man any woman would want on her side and any mother would be proud of.

But let us leave aside for a moment the impression you can make through flowers orders, and let us return to the benefits such orders can bring. Of course, you can order flowers from any online flower shop, but, when you become a client of Magazinul de Flori, these benefits multiply and maximize. Here are just a few of them:

Flowers orders: benefits and services offered by Magazinul de Flori

-   Distances become shorter – You can be thousands of miles away, you only need an internet connection in order to make your presence felt. One of the representatives of Magazinul de Flori will make sure that the bouquets and the greeting card you ordered end up in the right hands. You just have to choose them, pay them and fill in the address for the delivery!

-   Feelings amplify – Maybe you tell her that you love her every day, or, on the contrary, such statements are not your strong point. Either way, you have a prompt flowers orders service at your disposal to show it to her. From the moment she receives the bouquet, as she looks at it, smells it and admires it on the living room table or on her office desk, she will love you more, she will adore you and she will look forward to seeing you.

-   Prices do not change – Were you ever in the situation of getting to the cash register with a product and discover that the price is higher than the one displayed at the shelf? Or maybe you ordered something online and discovered that the price displayed did not include the delivery cost? This will definitely not happen with Magazinul de Flori, because the prices are clear, fair, and rarely change. You will always know exactly how much you have to pay from the beginning, no matter the situation, how many flowers orders you place or their specific.

-   The bouquets look exactly like in the images on the website – If you are used to shopping online, you have probably experienced it or read about the experiences of others who ordered something based on images and great descriptions and were completely disappointed by the product itself. It happens frequently, but not when you order from Magazinul de Flori, because the team here strives for your satisfaction, and the quality and conformity of their services reach the highest standards.

-   Payments are secure and information is confidential – Despite the variety of the available payment methods, the security of your account and of the information you provide with your flowers orders is guaranteed by the encrypted SSL connection of 128 bytes. More than that, your data will never be disclosed or used for other purposes than it was offered for.

-   Deliveries are prompt and finalized in impeccable conditions – If your bouquet were delivered one day later, your gesture would be worthless, would it not? You would definitely not want it delivered by a negligent and rude person, already withered or with broken strains. Such things never happen with the flowers orders service that Magazinulde Flori offers all over the country.

-   Savings are the order of the day – Everything costs money these days: time, effort and especially the stress reducing our productivity, destroying our mood and even health. Happily, for the flowers you order from Magazinul de Flori, you will only pay their actual price. Considering that you will no longer waste time in traditional flower shops or carrying the bouquet, you will no longer cross the town, face the traffic or bad weather and deal with  amateur florists, you will make considerable savings by placing flowers orders online.

-   You do not have to settle just with flowers – Flowers represent emotion, beauty, richness, sublime. However, you sometimes feel that they are not enough to express the intensity of your feelings. Whenever that happens, you can enrich them with a bottle of wine, a cake, a teddy bear or some chocolate candy. If these seem too intimate, there are the gift baskets and boxes, perfect for business connections, doctors, teachers and any other professional relations you may wish to strengthen.

The key to successful flowers orders – Magazinul de Flori

You have probably learned from experience that, no matter how great an idea is, the way it is turned into practice determines the final results. What does this mean when the idea is to offer flowers? It depends on the shop you order them from and on the way they are delivered for the person receiving them to be thrilled and not disappointed.

Luckily, you have found Magazinul de Flori, the place where dreams turn into reality and ideas gain shape and become successful. With the services offered by this flower shop is impossible to fail. You have all the necessary ingredients to give a pleasant surprise and create a good impression: gorgeous bouquets, in a wide variety of colors and combinations, professional advice, guaranteed security and confidentiality for your information, flowers orders delivered on time and in impeccable shape, for the women in your life to find out what you feel for them and what a sensitive person you are in the most beautiful way possible.