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By accessing and placing your order on this website you agree with its standard terms and conditions.


You can access this site only if you agree with its standard terms and conditions. 


2.1. I hereby agree not to use this website on illegal purpose and to use it according to the current applicable legislation. 

2.2. I hereby agree not to cause any trouble or deteriorations to this website. 2.3. I hereby agree not to use this website in a way that could violate the rights of any person or company (privacy and property rights are included).


3.1 We preserve the right to:

3.1.1 Change permanently or temporary the website (or parts of it) without advising you. 

3.1.2 Change these terms and conditions without advising you ? you should check it and agree or not. In the case in which you do not agree you have to immediately exit the website. 

3.1.3. magazinuldeflori.ro preserves the right to refuse an order without the obligation to clear its motivations but in this case the client will have a full refund. In the case when the products are damaged during the delivery or are not ready for delivery, the client can ask for a refund of the amount transferred to the MagazinuDeFlori.ro but he can not ask for other damages. Once the client places the order, he automatically agrees with the standard terms and conditions - this has the value of a contract. 

3.1.4. The delivery is made within minimum 2 hours since receiving the order. If for any reason independent of magazinuldeflori.ro (there is nobody home, the addressee doesn?t want to receive the gift etc) the order has not been delivered, the order can be still delivered within the following 6 hours. After that it is canceled without a refund. 

3.1.5. magazinuldeflori.ro preserves the right to cancel any order wich we can associate with the internet fraud. The client will get a full refund. 

3.1.6. In some cases, for legal hollydays, if the sistem lets you make an order of flowers, birthdaycake or any other product, there is some time the possibility to be in the impossibility to take the order if you make it same day delivery. So we preserve the right to cancel any order and you will get a full refund. To avoid this kind of problems please make the order at least 2 or 3 days before. Also fi you want a personalized birthday cake with a foto you have to make the order at least one day before delivery. 


This website gives links to other websites. You should know that our site can not be held responsible for what you are going to find on the linked websites. 


We have the right but not the obligation to supervise any activity connected with our website. We can investigate and report any complaint and take specific action. (in cases like: warnings, suspensions etc) 


We respect and protect your personal information and details. 


Any brand, trademark belonging to this website must not be copied unless otherwise agreed. 


The pictures are meant to support the presentation. If some flowers or products are missing from our supply, magazinuldeflori.ro can change them with some similar ones but within the original value of your order and of course at the same standards without contacting the client.


The final cost paid by the client includes the price of the product and the plus the delivery expenses.


We promise to make the delivery in maximum 48 hours after the payment confirmation or at a further date specified by the client. The delay can be caused by weather, bank holidays etc.? which we try to avoid.

  • The Personalized birthday Cakes (with the photos) are delivered ONLY in Bucharest
  • The personalized photo cakes must be ordered 24 hours before


The alcohol sold on magazinuldeflori.ro is for people over 18. The legislation in place forbids minors the acquisition of alcohol hence by accessing this website, any user is stating the following: “ I certify that I am at least 18 and that by placing my order I don’t break the current laws”

Hi, thank you for the service, I will call on your services soon !!!!! Everything worked flawless !!!!!!
Corina B, Apr 29th 2023
Dear Mr. Stefan, I hope you had a nice weekend! Just wanted to let you know that my mother very happily received the basket with roses.She sent me the photos and indeed the flowers looked amazing. Congratulations for the quality of your services and thank you for helping me to send my mother such an exceptional gift. The best of luck and we’ll be in touch
Corina Lucica, Jan 20th 2023
Good evening, Thank you very much to you and your partners in Brasov. I received the pictures of the flowers and the gifts which I ordered and they are very beautiful. Also the people receiving the gifts were also very impressed. As I was told, the flowers are really beautiful and fresh, they also look so in the pictures. Congratulations on your professionalism and precision, especially because I ordered this gift from abroad and it arrived at the exact hour in Brasov, even a bit earlier. I am glad there is a company I can count on for such services when I need them and I am not sorry for contacting you. Have a nice evening
Anonim, Feb 6th 2023

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