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Thank you very much for yesterday’s perfect delivery for my mother’s birthday – not only the flowers were beautiful but the delivery guy was very kind and kept the surprise until the very last moment! We are ordering from you for a few years now – and we are very pleased that you standards are always high. What a wonderful service you have, to bring such joy in people’s lives with your high quality products promptly delivered by smiling and nice employees – you should serve as an example for all the ones starting a business in Romania, as if there were more like you, Romania wouldn’t have been in the crisis today!
Daniela si Matei - Londra, Jan 11th 2024
Thank you for the flowers which are always perfect as well as for helping me to bring joy to the loved ones.
Simona A, Mar 25th 2024
Thank you very much for professionalism! I will call you again with confidence for future special events in the lives of those dear to me . Best regards and a nice weekend
Madalina, Jan 13th 2024

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More than an Online Flower Shop, the Place from Where You Send Love, Joy and Well Wishes – Magazinul de Flori

The holidays are coming, and choosing gifts is a nightmare, unless you turn to an online flower shop, of course! Holidays are coming all the time, no matter if Christmas, New Year, Saint Valentine, 1st and 8th March, Easter or Saint Mary, birthdays, name days or anniversaries. 

Each holiday involves buying at least one gift for someone close, and messes up your plan, because you want to choose the most beautiful and most inspired gift, but you never know what to buy and from where, and the day never has enough hours to allow you to do everything you have planned? 

Well, forget about all that, because the most beautiful gifts are those sent from the heart, the simple and expressive ones, the ones that can be shared with one's loved ones, and you can find plenty of them at Magazinul de Flori, the only online flower shop that delivers everywhere in the country, sometimes in less than two hours from the placing of your order!

What does this mean for you? In the time that you would need to check your Facebook profile or send an email, without leaving your home armchair or your office, even you’re your cell phone, you can give the people around you an awesome surprise.

And, before you bring objections like "I cannot send flowers to men ", you should know that Magazinul de Flori also offers you cakes, wines and gift baskets ready to please any man. More than an online flower shop, it is a gift shop. 

Why should you limit your gifts to flowers, sweets, wine and teddy bears? 

Because value and fine taste lie in simplicity, because most people will settle for clothes, jewelry, souvenirs or all kinds of funny trinkets, that the birthday boy or girl is probably expecting. 

This will give you a chance to stand out, because, through your gift, you will make them feel special, appreciated, you will prove that you have fine tastes and you know how to give pleasant surprises, all with a simple and fast order at Magazinul de Flori, the online flower shop and gift show where your satisfaction is always a priority. 

What woman does not love flowers, chocolates or teddy bears? What man does not like a fine wine, a gourmet basket or a delicious cake with which to make his family or work colleagues happy, in the unlikely case that he does not like sweets himself?

In some cases, the expressivity of such gifts can indeed become a problem, because not everyone knows what each color signifies, what message each flower sends or what taste a certain cake has. 

You do not have to worry about this, because every product available through this online flower shop is accompanied by a detailed description and suggestions regarding its significance, the occasions and the people it is suitable for. More than that, you have at your disposition an email address and a phone number that you can use whenever you have questions or you need advice. 

The best part is that you can request to have the products you choose delivered to any address in the country. Magazinul de Flori is maybe the only online flower shop servicing the entire country. Deliveries are always timely and take place in the best conditions, because they are made by the employees of the company, not by couriers. 

This also means that you will not have to wonder through stores, to go pick up the order, to wrap the gifts and worry about them until they reach the hands of the receiver. The specialists at Magazinul de Flori will handle everything in your place, you just have to tell them what it is that you want. 

How to make the most out of your order through this online flower shop?

•   Before you place the order, make sure that you choose a bouquet in tone with the occasion and the preferences of the person in question. When you do not know what flowers or colors to choose, a multicolor bouquet, maybe even the bouquet of the day is your best bet – it will inspire joy and freshness without sending a message that does not match your intentions.

•   Do not forget about the additional products. A flowers bouquet can work miracles, but when you add chocolates to it, you sweeten even the bitterest soul. Also, if the flowers can get you a kiss from your loved one, a bottle of quality champagne will get you an unforgettable night.

•   Pick the delivery place and time carefully, making sure that the person you want to impress is available. You would not want to send flowers at the office if no one can receive them or there is a chance that the person in charge with the delivery gets there in the middle of an important meeting. Also, no matter to which online flower shop you turn, it is vital to give the right address, name and phone number, otherwise who knows where your order will end up. 

•   Do not hesitate to request a greeting or business card with your name and whatever message you consider appropriate for the occasion. Unforeseen situations may appear, and it would be a pity if someone else took credit for your gesture. Also, the greeting card could turn into a beautiful souvenir that the receiver can keep throughout time. 

•   Do not worry about the safety of the deliveries outside the capital. As mentioned above, Magazinul de Flori is maybe the only online flower shop that does not work with courier companies, but delivers with its own employees, having sales points all over the country. You order will get to destination on time and in impeccable conditions, no matter the address.

Still thinking about it? You have no reasons to! A lot of benefits await. You have everything you need to make the people around you happy with just a few clicks. Analyze the products on the website and choose the best gift for the person you wish to impress. More than an online flower shop, Magazinul de Flori is you ally, watches over your reputation and gives your gestures value and meaning.