I would very much like to thank the whole team from the Magazinul de Flori for it’s proven promptness and professionalism.The delivery was exactly on time and the flowers absolutely beautiful. I will highly recommend you.
Dan Ciprian Golianu - Irland, Apr 30th 2024
Thank you for delivering the rosesc bouquet and the cake. We are very satisfied and we will use your services in the future. God help!
Fam Pop, Apr 7th 2024
Hello again, I wanted to thank you once more for the special thing you did today for my mother. I haven’t seen the flowers but I understand it is amazing, that all my mum’s colleagues are taking pictures with it, that my mum cries with happiness – all the friends that have spoken to her after lunchtime tell me how impressed she is. Thank you very much, I know for sure we’ll hear each other again because it’s amazing to bring happiness to the loved ones, it’s lovely what you are doing and wish you all the best for the future.
Dana Gidea, Mar 25th 2024

Speak Out Your Feelings And Give Life Colour By Offering Flowers!

When you cannot find your words, when various problems keep you from being with your loved ones, when you want to make them smile and turn ordinary days into memorable moments, a flowers bouquet is all you need. 

Magazinul de Flori offers you a rich collection of elegant and idiomatic bouquets, masterfully assembled by skilled florists. Whatever the occasion, the message you want to deliver, the age of the person you want to impress or the relationship you have is, here, you will definitely find the right bouquet!

10 reasons to offer flowers

1.   They are natural! Yes, the time to care about the environment, about the world we live in, has come. Flowers do not pollute, they are not produced by chemical or industrial means that might consume natural resources or release various chemical remnants in the air, soil or water, thus, they are a precious gift, harmless to anyone. 

2.   They are beautiful! Symbol of beauty and tenderness since antiquity, they will impress anyone with their elegance and delicacy. Just think of the velvet rose petals, the fragility of the miniroses and alstromeria , the joyful grains of hypericum, the tulips' freshness, the lilies' gorgeousness and the exoticism of the orchids! All these flowers are highlighted by the mastership and skillfulness of the florists from Magazinul de Flori, in whose hands each bouquet becomes a symbol of perfection, it gains life and idiom.

3.   They are colored! Colors represent feelings, wealth, life and joy, and they should be around everybody. You can bring a touch of light to gloomy days, some joy to monotonous houses, you can animate a hospital room or a sober office with a bouquet of multicolored flowers. 

4.   They are expressive! Flowers have rich meanings that you can call on whenever you have a message to deliver. With their help, you can say „I love you”, „I respect you”, „I admire you”, „I am jealous”, „I am sorry”, „I miss you”, „I will always be by your side” and many others. You just have to choose them carefully, considering the number of staples and the color. If you are not skilled or you run out of ideas, the bouquets available through the Magazinul de Flori are organized by categories and you can always ask for advice by phone or email. 

5.   They are accessible! When was the last time you bought a jewel, a perfume or quality clothes? They cost a small fortune and there is always the risk that the one receiving them will not like them. That will never happen with flowers! You will always find a bouquet of flowers appropriate for the person to whom you want to offer it and for your budget! Magazinul de Flori offers you a wide range of beautiful bouquets at excellent prices, but do not forget to check the available promotions and do not lose sight of the possibility to order the bouquet of the day, with a discount of 30%.

6.   They are versatile! You can offer them as small or large bouquets, consisting of a single type of flowers or more. You can stick to one color, two colors, or you can choose a colorful combination. You can offer a bouquet, a vase, a basket or a pot, depending on the occasion and taste of the person you want to surprise.

7.   They can be ordered online! If the way to the flowers store or maintaining the bouquet fresh would have been a problem, you do not have to worry anymore! You can place your order from your home, your office or anywhere else, even from your mobile phone. You have a phone number and an e-mail address you can use in order to ask for additional details, for advice or make further specifications regarding the orders placed.  

8.   They can be delivered anywhere in the country! Surely, you have relatives or friends in other cities and, as much as you would wish, you cannot get there for their birthdays, holidays or when they are celebrating something. But you can surprise them in a pleasant way by sending a bouquet of flowers in tone with the wish you would like to make or with the feelings binding you, taking advantage of the delivery service that this flower shop offers.

9.   They can be combined with other gifts! If you feel that the flowers are not enough for the occasion or you just want more, Magazinul de Flori also provides chocolates, fine wines, gifts baskets, toys and even cakes. 

10.   They can be accompanied by cards, messages or customized strips! Do you want to add a greeting, the name of the company you are representing or maybe a love statement? The team from Magazinul de Flori will take over your message and will make sure that your desire is fulfilled to the smallest details. 

What differentiates the Magazinul de Flori from other flower shops?

Magazinul de Flori is a tribute to flowers, beauty, tenderness and their expressiveness. It is a project started out of passion, not an attempt at getting rich, so the bouquets are assembled with care, from fresh flowers, aesthetically combined and immaculately delivered. 

To ensure that the bouquets are delivered on time and in very good conditions all over the country, Magazinul de Flori does not work with courier services, but has distribution points in more than 100 cities throughout the country. 

Employees and collaborators, well trained and careful with details, ensure the delivery of the bouquets even within two hours from the order placement. They will know exactly how the flowers should be packed and/or cared for in order to maintain their freshness for longer, and they will always arrive at the indicated place, at the agreed time, without exceptions. 

By choosing Magazinul de Flori for your orders, you do not have to worry that a tired courier in a hurry will drop a box of withered or broken strains flowers in your arms, or that the delivery will not be made on time.  

You will receive exactly what you ordered, from the hands of somebody who understands the importance of the bouquet for you and for the person receiving it, for whom courtesy and promptness are an obligation and a rule of life, not a whim. 

And, to get make things even better, you choose the payment method. For the credit card payments, Magazinul de Flori collaborates with, offering you the freedom to use any debit or credit card, from Visa, Discover, Diners Club and Master Card to American Express and Jcb, and ensuring the security of your transactions and data through an SSL connection of 128 bytes. 

You can also pay by PayPal, based on an e-mail address, by fast transfer or upon delivery. For companies or Internet banking users, the due amount can be paid by payment order as well. 

To sum up, by ordering flowers through Magazinul de Flori, you benefit from:

•   A varied offer of bouquets made from a wide range of flowers in various colors and refined combinations, designed to meet all needs and tastes;

•   A responsive website, with an intuitive menu and easy to navigate;

•   Highest quality services, prompt deliveries of products in accordance with the offer presented on the site;

•   A wide range of additional products: chocolate candy, wine, cakes, teddy bears and gift baskets.

•   Very convenient prices, promotional offers and various and secure payment options. 

How to make the most of the services provided by Magazinul de Flori

You have to congratulate someone, to wish „Happy birthday”, to apologize, to create a good impression in view of a future collaboration or to say „I love you”? You do not know what flowers bouquet would be more appropriate? Follow the steps below and that person will definitely get an extremely pleasant surprise!

•   Find out as much as you can about the person in question or write down what you already know! If that person has an account on the social networks, you will probably find some photos or information to help you figure out what flowers and colors she prefers.  

•   Take into account her age, occupation and the relationship you have! For example, if she is your girlfriend, wife or best friend, you can choose red or pink, even purple. If the person is older, mother, aunt, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law or colleague you can choose white, creamy or multicolored combinations. If roses are perfect for the first situation, gerberas, chrysanthemums, lilies or orchids will work miracles for the second one.  

•   Use the selection filters on the site! You can choose to see only the bouquets of a certain color or containing a certain type of flowers, or you can see suggestions for certain occasions, such as: Valentine’s Day, 1st or 8th of March, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Saint Mary’s Day, etc. 

•   Do not forget to check the Special Offers page! You can find brilliant bouquets with considerable discounts and, if you are undecided or you want to think outside the box, you can order the Bouquet of the Day and save no less than 30%. 

•   Ask for help! If you still do not know what flowers to choose or you have questions, call the number on the website or send an e-mail, and one of the members of the team will give you all the advice and information you need. 

•   Do not exclude the possibility of acquiring other products on the site! The cakes are perfect for birthdays, name days or anniversaries, the chocolates can help you „sweeten” somebody, the wines make the nights in two more romantic and hotter, and the teddy bears are a cheerful and „fluffy” memory. For employees, subordinates and business partners, the gifts boxes and baskets will be an exceptional choice. 

•   Take advantage of the delivery service! Many men feel embarrassed when they must offer flowers or presents, they do not know what to say or they would prefer to skip the formal thanks and kisses. Furthermore, maybe you are in another city or your schedule does not allow you to get the flowers by yourself and hand them over to the receiver. With Magazinul de Flori, your bouquet can be delivered anywhere in the country, in maximum 2 hours from ordering.

•   Do not forget to customize the flowers bouquet! You can add a card, a message or a binder with the name of the company you represent. This way, the person who receives it will know exactly what your intentions were and will make sure to reward you!

•   Choose the most convenient payment method for you! Whether you prefer to pay by credit card, through PayPal, online banking, fast transfer or upon delivery, your information will be safe and the price will be exactly the one displayed on site, therefore you have no reasons to worry about. 

•   Enjoy the results! No matter to whom you give flowers and on what occasion, one thing is for sure: you will steal her heart. The bouquet will speak in your name, it will ensure her of your respect and appreciation and will tell her what refined tastes you have!

Do not wait for special occasions, create them!

It is true that, most often, we get overwhelmed by routine, by the problems we face, by limited budgets and, sometimes, by pointless prejudices. Only during the holidays, on their birthdays, name days or anniversaries do we remember our loved ones, and we try to make a nice gesture, out of love, gratitude or obligation. 

Still, there are a few persons in your life who deserve more than that. There are women whose happiness conditions your happiness. They have been there for you, they are always there when you need them, and you can make them happy with so little! A simple bouquet of flowers can make them feel loved, appreciated, spoiled and beautiful!

And it is so easy to offer it to them! Through Magazinul de Flori, with just a few clicks, you can give them an extremely pleasant surprise, you can offer them smiles and unforgettable memories! Their joy will be your joy, and satisfaction will be incommensurable for both parties. 

You have the power to turn ordinary days into holidays, dreary moments into explosions of joy, common relationships into tight and passionate connections! Take advantage of this! Buy happiness for the women in your life with flowers from Magazinul de Flori!