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Thank very much! Because of you I managed to make a wonderful surprise to the ones home. You are brilliant
Carmen, Feb 22nd 2024
Good evening. For the first time, yesterday I placed an order with you and I was very impressed. Congratulations, everything was perfect, excellent birthday cake, wonderful roses and on time delivery. With your help, I managed to bring happiness to my mom as I am working far away from the country. Thank you & I will for sure use your services in the future.
Jeni C, Feb 23rd 2024
Your site is one of the best I have used. Thanks again!
Ted, Apr 3rd 2024

Bring Flavor to Your Holidays and Anniversaries and Sweeten Your Loved One’s Lives with Cake Orders – Magazinul de Flori Makes Everything So Easy!

Holidays and anniversaries do not take your schedule or lack of ideas into account. Fortunately, even when you remember about them at the last moment, are far away from your loved ones or you just have no idea what they would like to receive as a gift, you still have the ideal solution – Magazinul de Flori’s cake orders services.

Do not waste any more time. Turn on the computer, take a look at the available offers and choose what you think the person in question would like best. It only takes a couple of minutes, it does not cost more than buying a quality perfume, a wristwatch, a fine drink or jewelry, and you have no risks to worry about.

Indeed, when buying such gifts, you always risk that the person in question will not like it or that the size will not match. However, these risks go out the window when it comes to the cake orders services Magazinul de Flori offers. 

Why? Because nobody can ever refuse a slice of cake, especially when it is made with care by some of the most skilled pastry chefs in the country, who only work with delicious recipes and fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

Just imagine a party and the company representative ringing the doorbell in order to deliver the cake. It is like you can see the faces of the birthday boy / girl or host light up when they realize not only that you remembered the occasion, but also that the meal will end with a delicious desert, just like any other special occasion.

Everybody’s mouth waters at the mere sight of the culinary masterpiece, and they praise your elegant gesture. Let us be honest, there are not a lot of people who would come up with the genius idea of turning to cake orders services.

Maybe you are thinking of a possible horror scenario, such as the cake arriving late, damaged or, even worse, with the packaging stuck to the chocolate or whipped cream frosting. Maybe you think the person in question already made or ordered a cake and you figure yours will just be forgotten somewhere in the fridge. Well, you are wrong!

Any cake orders placed through Magazinul de Flori are delivered on time and in perfect shape. How can you be sure of this? The delivery is not made by a courier, but by a company employee or collaborator whose job or client portfolio depends on your satisfaction.

And what is the big deal if the person you want to surprise already has a cake? Your cake will surely look better, and you can never have too many sweets. Let us assume you are the birthday boy, you already have a great cake, and one of your friends turns to cake orders services to surprise you. 

Is this not a great occasion to call you friends over and enjoy a slice of cake together? Or, if they are already at your place, do you think they would mind taking a slice of cake home to enjoy it the next day or give it to their kids, mom or lover? Alternatively, you can take it to work the next day and celebrate again, with your colleagues.

But the list of benefits does not stop here. Orders placed through Magazinul de Flori bring a lot of advantages, some of them listed below.

Place cake orders through Magazinul de Flori and you will gain a lot of benefits

-   You save a lot of time, since it only takes a few minutes to find the cake you want, pay for it and fill in the delivery information.

-   You will no longer need to look through different stores for the perfect gift or worry that it will go unappreciated.

-   You can find the perfect gift for anyone, no matter the age, sex or concerns.

-   You can choose between a Diplomat or Amandine cake if your delivery is not within the capital city limits, or choose from no less than 10 delicious recipes for cake orders within Bucharest. 

-   You can accompany the cake with a greeting card with your message or the name of the company you represent.

-   There is no need to carry the cake around and care for it. This way, you do not risk ruining it before handing it over.

-   The cake can be ordered ahead of time and delivered to the address and on the date and hour established by you.

-   Besides cake orders, Magazinul de Flori also delivers flowers, teddy bears and wines, so only you get to decide the overall value and complexity of the gift.

-   You can surprise your loved ones even if you do not leave in the same cities or if you just cannot be with them.

-   If you want, you can keep your identity a secret. It is up to you if you take the credit.

Turn a normal day into a celebration with cake orders delivered by Magazinul de Flori

Have you or your loved ones been through a rough patch, and you feel it is time to relax, have fun and forget about day-to-day issues? It has never been easier! Order a cake from Magazinul de Flori, gather everyone around the table, and savor it together.

It has been scientifically proven that one of the effects of chocolate is the increased secretion of endorphin, commonly known as the happiness hormone. With a slice of Amandine, Richard or chocolate cake with candied peaches, you can make everyone feel happier!

Did you make a mistake and you want to apologize or you just wish to make your girlfriend happy? Do not let her consume her energy toiling in the kitchen! Order a delicious cake and a good wine and savor them together, in the bedroom. She will surely know how to reward your efforts!

You have to admit there are a lot of situations in which you can save your honor with cake orders - the fact that Magazinul de Flori delivers anywhere in the country under such great conditions makes it a priceless advantage, so do not waste any more time, pick the cake, pay for it, fill in the delivery details and enjoy the results!