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Thousands of thanks for the promptness with which you sent the gift, the quality of the cake and the beauty of the flowers. Through your service you have brought a ray of light and hope into the soul of an elderly lady. Once again thank you for everything, I promise to recommend you all, you have a prosperous bussiness for the good of all.
Simona L, May 3rd 2024
Thank you very much for everything... I truly appreciate what you did, my wife got the roses and they were gorgeous thanx again, I will be doing business with you guys again in the future and will recommend your company to friends and family.
Craig, Jan 11th 2024
I just spoke with my friend to whom I sent the flowers and she was thrilled with them. She said they were beautiful and fresh and the color was gorgeous. Thanks again and my future flower orders will be with you.
Patricia, Apr 29th 2024

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Making the Women in Your Life Happy Has Never Been Easier – Order Flowers Online and Make Them Feel Special!

If you are used to doing your shopping online, in order to avoid crowds and save time and money, you can now make the women in your life happy in the same fast and easy way, by buying flowers online. It is even easier to do this through Magazinul de Flori, the online flower shop where the beauty of the bouquets, the efficiency of the deliveries, your satisfaction and the joy you want to bring to others are the main priority. 

Maybe you do not have the time to search for presents or do not know what gifts the women in your life would want to get, but it is so much simpler and more convenient to order a nice bouquet of flowers online and send it to someone dear to you. Your time is precious, and you certainly have more important things to do than go to a flower shop, wait both in line and for the bouquet to be ready, carrying it around and taking care of it until you can give it to the person in question.

Maybe you do not enjoy going to Magazinul de Flori and dealing with old sales techniques in which the shopkeeper tells you what flowers to pick and how many, only to sell you their most withered and unsuccessful products. In this case the solution is ordering flowers online. Of course, it can also be embarrassing to go to Magazinul de Flori and realize you do not have enough cash on you, there is no ATM in the region and they do not have a POS so that you can pay with your credit card. Maybe the bouquet you pick costs more than you can afford.

Maybe you cannot find the flowers you want or you run into someone close to the person you want to send the flowers to and your surprise goes down the drain. There are many more possibilities that will convince you to settle for ordering flowers online instead of going from flower shop to flower shop, wasting precious time and causing yourself unneeded stress until you find exactly what you are looking for.

In the end, it does not even matter what your reason for not wanting to leave the house to look for flowers is. Maybe you are a very picky person and would rather browse online for hours until you find the online flower shop which has the bouquet you want.

Why deal with rain, snow, storm or heat, possibly at an inappropriate hour, at the risk of not finding what you are looking for? Why deal with traffic, crowds and other inconveniences when you can order flowers online from the comfort of your home, no matter what time of the day it is and what you are wearing?

Of course, if you do not take the necessary precautions, the virtual environment can pose certain risks. But you can easily avoid them by ordering from a reputable flower shop with a lot of online experience, like Magazinul de Flori.

What do you risk when ordering flowers online?

Ordering a bouquet from the comfort of your desk or bed sounds great, but how safe is it? Do you not put yourself at risk? Can something so bad happen as to make ordering flowers online a risky venture?

Taking into account that you will not see the actual bouquet and that the payment is generally made online, certain problems can obviously occur:

•   The recipient might get a bouquet which contains 2 or 3 withered flowers, and that would be regrettable.

•   It is possible for the bouquet to arrive a day late for the anniversary you ordered it for. What a shame! You have just missed the chance to make up with the woman you love or she will just think you remembered too late.

•   It is possible to order a certain type of flowers online, say imperial lilies, and find out that the recipient got carnations. What if she does not like carnations and you know this all too well?

•   Maybe you forgot, postponed or did not have time to go to Magazinul de Flori and, at night, when you try to save the order, you notice the prices are higher than the ones at the florist shop down the block.

•   It is also possible, after you order flowers online, to be bombarded the following days by phone calls from various financial institutions that try to offer you broker services, even though you never contacted them or and you do not even have the money broker firms usually require. 

•   What if you find you credit card empty because someone accessed your bank account in a fraudulent manner a day or two after you paid for the order? Identity theft is another negative phenomenon threatening online activities and transactions.

The way to avoid such risks and to take advantage of ordering flowers online safely is to carefully pick the place you want to order from. And there is no better choice than Magazinul de Flori, an online flower shop with tradition that offers high-quality services, safe payment methods, on time countrywide deliveries and guaranteed confidentiality, no matter the details of your order.

What solutions does Magazinul de Flori offer for the aforementioned issues?

Magazinul de Flori is a business with an impeccable reputation, built on professionalism and attention to details, based on an impressive client portfolio and with thousands of successful deliveries all over the country.

From the accuracy of the information posted on the site to the delivery of the bouquet, every online order is treated as a priority. The team’s main objective is customer satisfaction, because it is well known that a happy client will bring in several other potential customers. Every time you purchase flowers online, your order is considered highly important, since it can be the start of a long collaboration or the precursor to tens or even hundreds of other orders. If you choose to purchase the bouquet you want through Magazinul de Flori, you will always benefit from services of the highest quality.

First of all, you will never receive a damaged order or other flowers than the ones you have purchased. Your bouquet will look just like on the website, no matter the value of the order, if it is your first and last time ordering flowers online or if you are a loyal customer. All it takes is a couple of minutes of browsing the website to see what types of flowers are available and to notice the beauty and variety of the bouquets and flower arrangements made by the team, not to mention the reasonable prices and the efficiency of the services which are offered.

No other flower shops will be able to offer you the assortment you will see when ordering flowers online from this website. The bouquets have an air of elegance other flower designers can only dream of. You can also add gift baskets, cakes, teddy bears, sweets and champagne to your standard bouquet to make it more memorable and impressive. You can be sure the deliveries will be prompt, since great care and attention are always invested in them.


As for identity theft, your personal data will never be alienated or used for purposes other than those for which they were offered. Your privacy will always be respected. Order flowers online from this flower shop, and you will never have to worry about your email being flooded by unwanted messages, get-rich-quick schemes or ads for products you have no interest in. No matter what payment method you choose, your account, money and personal data will be safe, since they will be transmitted via a secured 128 bit SSL connection. As a direct result, nobody will be able to intercept your bank account number or password in order to use them in fraudulent ways.

You can rest easy and order flowers online through Magazinul de Flori whenever you want to make someone happy, since you will get exactly what you want in a secure and timely manner. The woman receiving the bouquet will appreciate your gesture, will feel loved and respected, and you will get to enjoy her long-lasting gratitude and your new reputation as a gentleman.

The secret to placing a successful order of flowers online

What do you need to know if you want to order the perfect bouquet through Magazinul de Flori? Nothing more than you would with any other purchase made through an online store. Maybe the hardest part is choosing a really extraordinary bouquet which will take your beloved’s breath away, make your message understood loud and clear, and emphasize your great taste and honorable intentions.

It is not complicated at all. Once you reach the website, you will notice several product categories on the left part of the screen. These are actually the first filters:

•   Flowers online

•   Favorite flowers

•   Flower colors

•   Flowers for celebrations

•   Flowers for special occasions.

These categories will give you an idea on how to choose your preferred bouquet or any other product Magazinul de Flori has to offer. Under each of these titles, you will find additional categories which will further filter the products. Use them, and you will always get results that will match your wishes and expectations.

For instance, under the ‘Flower colors’ title, you will also find the ‘Pink Flowers’ filter. A simple click on the filter will reveal only bouquets containing pink flowers. In order to ease the process of ordering flowers online, you will have access to additional criteria after choosing the category: ‘Recommended products’, ‘Rising price’, ‘Descending price’. This ensures your choice complies with new trends and with your budget.

Once you take a look at all the listed products, you can click on the price indicated under one of them, or on the word ‘details’, and you will get an enlarged image of the product, a short description, a series of related products, delivery and payment options.

The ‘Order now’ button will take you to a different page where you will be able to choose the destination you want the product delivered to. Besides just ordering flowers online, you will be given the option of adding additional items. You will also have to add:

•   The delivery date;

•   The time interval;

•   The identification details of the sender – phone, address;

•   The identification details of the receiver – phone, address;

•   The payment method – credit card and currency, PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, payment order;

•   A message for the receiver.

Once your press ‘Continue’, the payment will be made through the method you chose.

You will surely enjoy being able to not only order flowers online, but also purchase other items. You can choose to add them to the bouquet or order them separately, depending on the situation. For instance, if you visit the cake section, you will find a wide variety of compositions, each more appealing than the other.

The ‘Flower baskets’ section includes a series of flower arrangements placed in baskets, cube centerpieces, pots and vases with a unique design that will impress anybody with their elegance.

The ‘Gift baskets’ section contains a multitude of elegantly arranged presents. They can be sent to anyone on various occasions and holidays, from family members to employees, bosses and business partners.

You also have the ‘Special offers’ section where you can take advantage of great deals to save money without having to make any compromises. You will find various combinations of toys, flowers, champagne, fruits or chocolate, items with great discount prices and the splendid bouquet of the day. It will be a nice surprise for both you and the recipient, since it will bring you a 30 percent discount. The choice is entirely yours!

In the end, it is best to avoid any inconveniences. Just look at all the things Magazinul de Flori has to offer you. Do yourself a favor and order flowers online, it will definitely change your life: it will turn you into a caring person, with refined tastes, who cares about their loved ones and stops at nothing when it comes to bringing them joy and making their life better!