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I purchased my first bouquet of flowers from you last week. They are the most beautiful roses ever!
Roxana, Mar 20th 2024
Thanks for the excellent service and for the pictures!
Mihaela D, Apr 18th 2024
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professionalism. It’s nice to know that even from a distance we can bring joy to those we left at home. My father was very surprised; he wasn’t expecting anything like this. It’s wonderful to know that in Romania one can have access to ways of not forgetting the beloved ones.
Madalina Mercea - Montreal, Canada, Feb 14th 2024

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Order joyful, multicolor courier flowers, in order to express love, joy and respect, and to make a good impression!

In all the movies you watch, you see women receiving courier flowers from admirers, collaborators and friends, and they are very thrilled with the gesture, no matter the occasion or the person making it. Magazinul de Flori gives you the opportunity to turn movies into reality and bring joy to the women in your life.

Women love flowers, surprises and romantic men. Flowers help you send whatever message you want, without looking for words and blushing while saying them. More than that, you do not have to invest time and effort in choosing and offering them. 

You just access a website that delivers courier flowers, choose a bouquet, pay for it, fill in the delivery information and that is it! Someone else will handle the details in your place, but you will get all the credit and receive the reward!

Of course, online flower orders do not yet benefit from too much popularity in our country, due to the fact that many people are still afraid to do their shopping and make payments online. More than that, many of those who dare to do it end up disappointed. 

What problems could appear when ordering courier flowers in Bucuresti or any other town in the country?

The success of a flowers order depends on several factors, such as:

•   The accuracy of the images and of the prices displayed on the website where you place your order – You risk ordering a red bouquet and finding out that the receiver got a pink one, made of fewer flowers, smaller, etc., or place your order and discover that you were charged for a higher amount of money than the one display. 

•   Choosing the right flowers – If you do not know what flowers the bouquet's receiver prefers, what each flower means, and you do not find the necessary information on the website or you cannot benefit from the advice of a specialist, you risk sending the wrong message. You would not want to make a love statement to your best friend's lover or your sister in law, would you?

•   Data privacy – When you send courier flowers, you have to provide certain data, such as your email address, your phone number or an address, which could be used for fraudulent purposes or for marketing campaigns you have no interest in. 

•   Payment security – It is important that payments be made through a safe system and for the data regarding the transaction to be sent through a secure connection, otherwise, you risk to have them intercepted and find your account empty.

•   Delivery service promptness and efficiency – When you order courier flowers and they arrive one day earlier or later, no matter if the delivery is made at your home, your office or directly to the receiver, all your plans are messed up. Your gesture loses value if the flowers are received one day earlier or later, and carrying them around for a day is not an option either, especially since they could wither or break.

How can you make sure this will not happen to you? 

All you have to do in order to avoid the above described problem and make sure that everything will go according to plan is to carefully choose the courier flowers service with which you place your order, and there is no better option than Magazinul de Flori. What benefits will you enjoy working with them?

•   Gorgeous bouquets that look exactly like in the images on the website and for which you will pay the exact price displayed, nothing less and nothing more!

•   Prompt and efficient client support by phone, email and chat, no matter what information you need and what details you want to clarify!

•   Full confidentiality regarding all the details of your order!

•   Varied but extremely secure payment methods, so that your data and account be safe from all risks!

•   Prompt and efficient courier flowers services provided by the company's employees and collaborators throughout the country, through the network of almost 200 sales and distributions points!

•   The possibility to add wine, cakes, chocolate candy or stuffed toys to the flowers you order!

•   The possibility to personalize your order with a greeting card or ribbon customized with your name or message!

•   Numerous discounts and special offers, access to promotional prices and products in order to save money without sacrificing quality when ordering courier flowers or other products available on the website!

You have not yet decided? There is still time! Browse the website, analyze the available products, the above mentioned advantages, and imagine the reaction of the women in your life is they were to receive a beautiful flowers bouquet!

When did you last declared or proved your love to the love of your life? When did you last visit your mother? Do you have a co-worker or friend who has helped you countless times and you do not know how to thank her? Or maybe you need to ask for someone's help and you do not know how? 

Magazinul de Flori offers you the most advantageous and most efficient method: a gift that no women will resist, offered with no effort from your part! Just send courier flowers and you will not have to worry about seeming careless, ungrateful or trying to take advantage!

The method works on anniversaries, name days, 1st and 8th March, Valentine's Day and holidays alike! Depending on the occasion, on the taste of the person you want to impress, on your budget or the message you wish to send, you can choose season, exotic or pot flowers. More than that, you can associate them with other gifts, to make the surprise complete. 

You have to admit that, although your time and energy are limited, the women in your life deserve all the best, and your happiness depends on their happiness (you know what happens when they get mad!). Magazinul de Flori gives you the chance to make them happy and impress them without sacrificing hours from work or your hobbies – order courier flowers and your life and that of the women around you will be more beautiful and happier!