Online cakes

Thank you very much for the lovely flowers. My mum was impressed. Congratulations on your services!
L. M, Feb 25th 2024
The recipient was so excited and keep on telling me of how beautiful the bouquet is! Altho it has gone for a long journey, it still looks soo gorgeous. I’m sorry for such fuss and u was always being so helpful, i appreciate that soo much! I def. gonna shop more at your shop, because of it’s EXCELLENT service and AMAZING product. This is def. the best florist i ever came cross for. I can’t hardly wait to buy something again from Magazinul de Flori, and i wish you all the best!
Mihaela, Jun 16th 2024
Hello Dear Sir, Thank you very much for the flowers delivered to my mother. I can say that you managed to make people as happy as they’ve never been. My mum’s voice shows so much excitement that I’m almost sorry I wasn’t there to see it. It’s wonderful and my mum says the flowers are so fresh she thinks they will last until Easter! One thing was missing – the note- or at least she couldn’t find it. It doesn’t matter if you forgot, I thank you very much. I am here for the rest of the money I have to pay for the vase. I will stay your client and will happily recommend you. Have a wonderful day I am glad there are people who know how to perfectly manage their business
Anonim, Jan 20th 2024

Give Life Savor And Keep Your Loved Ones Close Ordering Cakes Online From Magazinul de Flori

If you are used to replacing homemade pastry with store-bought cookies or sweets, you certainly wish, at least around the holidays and at anniversaries, to be able to enjoy a piece of moist and flavored cake like they used to be made, and you will appreciate the possibility to order cakes online through Magazinul de Flori. 

You can also do this for the birthday of a friend or relative that usually celebrates their birthday in bars or ordering pizza, when you want to prove your appreciation for an employee or collaborator or when you feel that it is time to offer your loved one a romantic evening together. 

The truth is that cakes are always a great idea, no matter the occasion, if they are for you and your family or for someone else. They are delicious, they look fantastic, you do not have to worry that they will send the wrong message or disappoint their receiver, and they are extremely easy to order from Magazinul de Flori. Yes, you can order cakes online just as you would order jewelry, clothes, perfumes or any other type of products. 

Magazinul de Flori brings you the cakes you miss and you enjoy savoring, not the fade sweets usually available online! 

When you order cakes online, other pastry products or foods in general, you receive varieties stuffed with conservatives, meant to extend their lifespan and increase their resistance to shipping. Therefore, instead of the creamy texture and the flavors you were dreaming of, you receive, most of the time, an extremely sweet and fade cake that you make nothing of. 

There are, indeed, a few pastry shops, quite rare, where delicious sweets are prepared using traditional ingredients, but they either do not deliver, or they do it through courier services. Buying from them would mean to either cross the town twice, once to place the order and again to pick it up, or to order the cakes online and have them delivered late, already altered or with the package stuck to the melted frosting.

Magazinul de Flori helps you avoid all that. With years of experience behind them and a network of over 100 sales and distribution points, a competent team will take your order, forward it to the closest partner pastry shop, and deliver it at the date, hour and address you establish. 

As you can see, there are no third parties, intermediaries or neglected aspects involved. The partner pastry shops are carefully selected, based not on prices and location but on the skills of the pastry chefs and on the ingredients they use. 

Therefore, when you order cakes online from Magazinul de Flori, ou can be sure that they are made from natural, fresh, high quality ingredients, based on traditional recipes applied by skilled pastry chefs. Maybe they will not look exactly like the one in the photo, but they will surely look appetizing and taste deliciously!

And you do not have to worry about the delivery either! This service, just like everything else, is ensured by the company's employees and collaborators whose direct interest is for everything to go smoothly and for you to be thrilled with the results, so that you may order again and refer them to your acquaintances. 

No matter if you order cakes online, flowers or anything else, if the value of your order is of 150 or 1500 lei, your dissatisfaction could have a negative impact on the company's reputation, and no company interested in their good name would allow that. 

Precisely to avoid such negative incidents, Magazinul de Flori chooses its employees and collaborators carefully. More than that, the website through which orders are placed is easy to navigate, the delivery terms are clearly presented and the payment methods available are extremely secure. 

No matter what fears you may have regarding the possibility to order cakes online, it is time to leave them aside! Nothing bad can happen when you work with professionals, and Magazinul de Flori guarantees professionalism!

Honest advice for delicious meals and thoughtful gifts

You see in all movies, and probably in your day to day life as well, that, especially for women, problems are easier to overcome with a cake, some chocolate candy or a bowl of ice cream. The very idea of it made you laugh several times, did it not?

Well, it is neither a myth, nor an excuse invented by gourmands, it is a proven fact: chocolate makes people feel better, because it stimulates the release of endorphin, which alleviates stress, pain and fear and induces a state of relaxation. 

Ordering cakes online, no matter if you are organizing a festive meal and you want to serve it as dessert or you want surprise someone, you too can offer the people around you a moment of relaxation and joy, you can help them forget about problems and stress and feel loved and appreciated. 

When you order the cake for someone else, do not hesitate to complete the gift with other products, depending on the occasion and the person receiving it. For example, when the receiver is a woman, you can add a beautiful flowers bouquet, for men you can add a bottle of wine, for children and teenage girls nothing is more appropriate than a teddy bear, and your collaborators will love gift baskets or gift boxes. 

Ordering cakes online, you can also spice up your love life. Just imagine a romantic evening at candlelight, with a cream or chocolate cake for dessert and a fine bottle. The cream or chocolate frosting can also be savored from the skin of your loved one, and the remaining cake can make a delicious memory for the day after. 

We, Romanians, work too much, spend too much time worrying about things that are not up to us and we do not enjoy enough our achievements, free time and the company of our loved ones. You can change this, in just a couple of minutes, with no efforts or headaches. Order cakes online from Magazinul de Flori, savor them with your loved ones, enjoy their delicious taste and create some unforgettable memories together!