Thank you for your professionalism and the right on time service. I am live on Skype with my wife and saw the effect of the surprise ….it’s amazing! You can be sure all my friends know about you and I will most certainly use you for the next delivery.
RADU - Canada, Apr 23rd 2024
I would just like to tell you how FANTASTIC the roses were you sent my mother!!! Bravo!!! and many thanks
Ioana, Feb 21st 2024
Dear Mr. Safciu, I take this chance to thank you for the high class services you have for your clients. You can tell in Romania as well there are serious companies for which, the happiness of the clients, throughout the quality of the service, is on the first place. Thank you once more and all the best Regards, one of your clients
Nica Marian, Mar 1st 2024

Spoil Your Loved Ones and Offer Them Joy with Magazinul de Flori’s Delicious Cakes

If you find it harder and harder to find the right gifts for your loved ones, to express your feelings and offer them a few moments of joy, especially when it comes to birthdays or name days, things will surely change once you see the collection of delicious and appetizing cakes Magazinul de Flori places at your disposal.

Say goodbye to all those exhausting shopping sessions and to the anxiety of not knowing whether the person in question will enjoy the gift or understand the message you want to send. Nobody can resist a delicious, creamy and flavorful cake, and it can also be shared with those around you.

Maybe you are not a fan of sweets and you do not get it why people are crazy about them, but a cake is the most beautiful gift you can offer to someone. Just think about it: no matter the occasion, time or place, a delicious dessert can only bring pleasure!

Women are always hard to please, but it is time you discovered a secret: they will never be able to resist a delicious dessert! Studies show that chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphins (the happiness hormone) and, whenever they feel sad, angry or desperate, women find their solace in sweets.

Offer her cakes whenever you want to make her happy or help her forget about her troubles, on her birthday or name day and, especially, at anniversaries and for the holidays! This way, you help her enjoy her favorite taste without her having to slave away, for hours on end, in the kitchen, to bake the cake herself. You can certainly put that time to better use together!

But let us not forget about men! If we go by statistics, they are even harder to please when it comes to gifts. They might not seem crazy about sweets, but they will always be happy to receive cakes as gifts!

Why? They can share them with their loved ones and turn a family dinner into a real feast.  Or they can pair them up with a good wine and turn an average evening with the woman they love into a special one. The worst case scenario involves that they use them to keep the girls busy while they go out with the guys.

Moreover, cakes can also be matched with bouquets, fine wines or stuffed toys. They can be ordered online and shipped whenever and to wherever you want, without you needing to make any efforts or trouble yourself with the details. They are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, name days, anniversaries, holidays or just regular days that you want to turn memorable!

10 recipes for delicious cakes that will make your mouth water and will ‘sweeten’ anyone!

1.   Amandine cake - Its taste and aspect resemble the pastry whose name it bears. It can be the ideal gift for parents, grandparents, relatives and friends who grew up with the delicious taste of the amandine. It is also a great gift for chocolate lovers.

2.   Diplomat cake – If chocolate is too sweet for you or you would rather have fruit, whipped cream and vanilla instead, then this is the choice for you, since it is one of the most flavorful and lightest cakes you can eat. It goes great with any occasion, it has an elegant and inviting aspect, and its creamy, fruity composition goes hand-in-hand with white, rosé and sparkling wines.

3.   Chocolate cake – This combination of Dobos top and Joffre cream, perfected by the taste of candied oranges, will be the supreme gift for any chocolate enthusiast. It is the best choice when it comes to romantic evenings, surprises or festive meals. 

4.   Richard cake – You might not be aware of this, but the combination of whipped cream and chocolate results in a delicious cream found in abundance in one of the tastiest cakes ever created, with a slightly crispy layer of Meringue.

5.   Meringue cake – Meringue is delicious on its own, but its taste becomes unforgettable when you combine it with Dobos top and Joffre cream. A special cake, along with a good wine, is a great way of ending an anniversary dinner with your loved ones.

6.   White chocolate cake – With a composition resembling that of amandine, this cake always leaves a great impression with its savory white chocolate cream and its white and black color contrast. It is the best choice when it comes to formal parties, anniversaries or banquets.

7.   Diplomat-Richard cake – If choosing between whipped cream and chocolate or soft layers and layers with nuts is too hard for you, then this is your best bet, since it is one of the only cakes that give you the opportunity to have it all in one place: half Diplomat cake, with its delicious fruit charlotte dressed in whipped cream, and half Richard cake, with its slightly crispy consistency given by nuts and smooth chocolate and whipped cream.

8.   Chocolate cake with sour cherries – Those who consider chocolate a little too sweet for cakes will adore the slightly sour, yet extremely savory taste of alcohol-infused sour cherries, enhanced by the moist layer, delicious Joffre cream and diplomat charlotte with peach slices. The marzipan coating gives it an air of elegance, making it perfect for any occasion.

9.   Monte-Bianco cake – Choose the flavor of amandine, balanced by Joffre cream and alcohol-infused fruits and a unique combination of minced nuts for career-related anniversaries, corporate gifts and any other occasions where you would like to leave the others speachless.

10.   Personalized cake – Turn any cake into a statement of love, into a symbol for your relationship with the receiver! You choose a representative photo, and the best pastry chefs in the capital will make sure to transpose it onto delicious cakes, paying attention to every small detail. It can be a family photo, the company logo or a cartoon character. It is your choice!

For deliveries outside the capital, you can choose between Amandine and Diplomat cakes. Their wonderful taste and refined aspect will surely impress anyone. By placing your order through Magazinul de Flori, you have the guarantee that the cake you choose will be made by skilled pastry chefs, from fresh, healthy and high-quality ingredients, and will be delivered according to your instructions.

Surprise your loved ones, turn family meals into flavorful feasts and show everyone your refined tastes and noble feelings with the delicious cakes offered by Magazinul de Flori!