Cakes delivery

Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for the quality of your service; the receiver of the gift was thrilled by its design and by your delivery. Wish you the best of luck Regards
Ioana Tomescu, Jan 16th 2024
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your promptness, speed and quality! I am your loyal client for the last few years and through you I manage every year to make my mother happy, 2000km away from me, in Targu-jiu. For this reason, you have all my respect and respect and thank you once again!
Anca M, Jan 6th 2024
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professionalism. It’s nice to know that even from a distance we can bring joy to those we left at home. My father was very surprised; he wasn’t expecting anything like this. It’s wonderful to know that in Romania one can have access to ways of not forgetting the beloved ones.
Madalina Mercea - Montreal, Canada, Feb 1st 2024

Make Your Life Easier with Magazinul de Flori’s Cake Delivery Services

Time has slowly, but surely, become one of the most important resources in your life, and you need to take advantage of every moment if you want to be able to handle all the things that require your attention and still find time for your hobbies and your loved ones – the cake deliveries services offered by Magazinul de Flori can help you save a lot of time, keep your loved ones close and offer them joy and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Do you find this hard to believe? Grab a piece of paper and write down all the birthdays, name days, anniversaries, holidays and special occasions when you and your family members need to celebrate your loved ones and give them presents. When you are running a business, you also need to consider your employees, clients and partners in mind. This can get overwhelming, right? It is actually starting to resemble the list of a pastry shop that offers cake deliveries.

Add the time you waste baking a cake or ordering it from a downtown pastry shop, looking for gifts and carrying them around town until you manage to hand them over to the receiver. Let us not forget about the situations when your loved ones live in another town. It would take you hours to pay them a short visit, just to congratulate them and have a coffee together. Your expectations have been surpassed again, have they not?

It is only natural, as the things you pay the less attention to are the ones that require the longest time to be completed, and you cannot ignore them, since your loved ones’ happiness depends on them. Would you not like to invest only one-tenth of that time and get the same or even more spectacular results?

It is possible and extremely simple: forget everything you were doing and focus on the cake deliveries services provided by Magazinul de Flori! You just place the order online, and a masterpiece-like cake is delivered to your doorstep or to the person you wish to surprise, all at the date and time you pick.

Small secrets for organizing the perfect festive meals and surprises – cake deliveries services!

The holidays or an anniversary are approaching and you feel there aren't enough hours in a day to enable you to finish what you have to do? Are you organizing a festive meal with your friends and family and you want everything to be perfect and unforgettable? 

The most important part of any meal is the dessert. Along with coffee and drinks, it will create the perfect atmosphere to revive old memories and talk about your future. But when to bake cookies? And, if you want to order them from a pastry shop, you have a lot of walking to do: you need to go there, place the order and then pick it up.

How would you like to be able to forget about all these inconveniences and have the cake deliveries boy ring your doorbell on the very same day, during the meal, to bring in a delicious Amandine or Diplomat cake, or, even better, one of each?

Usually, being the host is tiresome. But, if you let Magazinul de Flori handle the dessert, you will be able to enjoy every moment. Those who are there will surely congratulate you on your inspired choice and will ask you for the number or website you ordered the cake at.

As for the gift rush, you can avoid it on Magazinul de Flori's website, where you will find available for cake deliveries gift baskets, wines, teddy bears and flowers bouquets. Whether it is about friends, family, employers, clients or investors, you need to pick the right cake, pay and fill in the delivery information – the birthday boy or girl are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised.

Your gift will be useful, gentle and tasteful, and you will only need to invest a couple of minutes to order it. If you want to make sure you do not forget, you can order it days or weeks ahead. The delivery will be made fast and according to your instructions.

Inspired choices bring on countless benefits!

Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing Magazinul de Flori’s cake deliveries services:

•   A website with an intuitive and easy to use menu, with a photo gallery and accurate descriptions of the available products;

•   Various delicious and flashy cakes, made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, carefully chosen by renowned, skilled pastry chefs;

•   The possibility to order other products through the same cake deliveries services: flowers, wine, teddy bears, chocolate candy;

•   The possibility to personalize your gift with a ribbon inscribed with the company name, a greeting card or a message written on the cake, if you place the order in time;

•   Various payment methods, all of them secure and efficient, so that your personal details remain always safe;

•   Fast and efficient cake deliveries in any city of the country, ensured not by couriers, but by Magazinul de Flori’s employees and collaborators.

•   Discounts of up to 35% for ordering Amandine or Diplomat cakes together with a roses bouquet.

The list could go on, but your instinct is surely telling you that you have found the ideal way of saving time when trying to make your loved ones or the ones your business depends on happy, and you are not wrong.

All that is left is for you to take advantage of the discovery you have just made. Do not wait until the last moment if you want everything to go smoothly! Make your list with birthday boys or girls and special occasions for the next 4 weeks, get on the website, pick the products you want, and place the order through Magazinul de Flori! It is always best to plan things in advance, even though the team will try to find solutions to any emergencies as well.

Once the order is placed, you can focus on more important things. The recipients of your order will have a great surprise when, at the date and time you picked, they receive the visit of the cake deliveries services employee or collaborator – everything is easier with Magazinul de Flori!