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The service was, as always, impeccable. Thank you. Until next time.
Corina R, Feb 27th 2024
I have been ordering bouquets for over 10 years through you, this time I needed a wreath with delivery directly to the chapel. Once again, you did not disappoint me. Thank you very much
Silviu Grigore, Jan 15th 2024
My wife did love the flowers and they look great. I will be sure to use your services again.
Tom, Jan 29th 2024

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Magazinul de Flori – More than a Flower Shop, Your Delight Provider

Has going to Magazinul de Flori stopped being a custom for you? Is it a choice only when you want to conquer a woman, persuade another one to invest in your business or show your mother that, despite the fact that you spend less and less time with her, you love her just the same and you are grateful for her love and patience?

Of course, there are also the days of 1st and 8th of March, when it would be simply embarrassing not to offer at least a flower to your coworkers and close family. But other than that, let us be honest: times have changed, romance is long gone!

Too bad, because offering a flower bouquet is most of the time a meaningful and much appreciated gesture, and it is worth more than a thousand words or an expensive gift! You just need to know the meanings of flowers or to ask for a professional florist’s advice.

Time spent in a flower shop is not lost, as some would think. Buying a flower bouquet is not a simple formality, but rather a ritual. The flowers have to be selected with care and love, so as to be loaded with the feelings you want to transmit to the person that receives them. Offering a flower bouquet is never done in haste, carelessly, as if you would want to get rid of them as soon as possible. You always have to give this gesture the proper significance and importance, so that the bouquet you spent half an hour for in a flower shop may be, indeed, a symbol, not just an accessory. But, if you do not have that half an hour at your disposal or you cannot get to a flower shop in time, that does not mean you have to give up the idea of offering flowers. You just have to rethink your strategy, to keep up with the trends and shop online.

Magazinul de Flori offers you a luxurious collection of bouquets, skillfully and elegantly arranged from various delicate and colorful flowers. All you need to do is choose the favorite bouquet and a gift according to the occasion or the message you want to send, and ask that they be delivered to the person you want to impress. This way, a lot of the inconveniences associated to traditional flower shops will disappear. 

What inconveniences does going to Magazinul de Flori entail?

You would think that men are the ones who visit flower shops more often, considering the fact that flowers are given mainly to women, and men should be the ones directly interested in impressing them, conquering them and making them happy. However, statistics show that women buy twice as many fresh flowers as men. An explanation would be that men with money and a good position leave such acquisitions to their personal assistants or secretaries. 

There are also the married ones who let their wives choose the bouquets for relatives and friends. And there are the ones who are very busy, so busy that they simply do not have the time or the energy to cross the city in order to go to a flower shop, or the flowers shops are closed when they finish work. A lot of men see flowers as a waste of money and, thus, avoid offering them. Are they right? It is true that a rich, exquisite bouquet can cost a lot of money, but the joy that it can bring and the effect it can have on the receiver is worth at least as much. Sometimes, offered to the right person, such a bouquet can land you the deal of your life.

Let us admit that there are a lot of practical men that prefer to buy a box of chocolates from the corner store or the supermarket, or men that have not been educated in the spirit of offering such gifts and will rarely do it. A lot of men think that romantic gestures will just make the women in their lives expect more and more, so they do not want to create an obligation. For others, flowers mean nothing, perhaps just weakness. They want to be in control and they feel that offering flowers would mean trading control over certain situations. 

One thing is certain: less and less men enter flower shops, and this is not something commendable and surely not a pleasant thing for the women in their lives. Fortunately, there is a solution to all the problems above, except for ill will – buying flowers online. After all, flower shops have to keep up with trends and technology as well!

Ordering a flower bouquet from a flower shop, simplified by technology

The internet has been invaded lately by a lot of online stores, which sell different products, from electrics and furniture to foods and accessories.

In these circumstances, there is no surprise that a lot of flower shop owners have stepped into the virtual zone. Thus, they have the opportunity to widen their horizon and client portfolio, to answer the needs of people across the country, to interact with clients and potential clients no matter the device they use. As flower shops have always been and will always be an important way to express feelings, thoughts and encouragements, a virtual flower shop is very likely to become a successful business.

A virtual flower shop has a lot of advantages, but the most important one is visibility. Such an online store can be visited by people who do not necessarily live next to a certain place. While for the florist around the corner, it is clear that the clients live by, things are totally different online.

Such a flower shop is Magazinul de Flori. What are the solutions it offers?

•   The ones who are in a hurry will be able to order the bouquet and the gifts in a few minutes, from anywhere, from any device connected to the Internet.

•   The picky ones will find everything they want, from simple and expressive bouquets to elegant, exotic, impressive ones, to expensive wines, fine chocolates and delicious cakes.

•   The practical ones can order flower pots, chocolate for the lickerish, wine for the romantics, teddy bears for the nostalgic, cakes for the birthday girls, all from the same flower shop – Magazinul de Flori.

•   The ones on a limited budget can choose from Special Offers bouquets and gifts on sale, or the bouquet of the day with a 30% discount. Let us not forget that the bouquets ordered from an online flower shop save gas and time, so they make a great deal.

•   The ones who are afraid that the woman they want to surprise will expect such gestures more often, can add a message to the bouquet and highlight the uniqueness of their gesture.

•   The practical ones and not only, will no longer have reasons to avoid going to a flower shop because of the distance, traffic, unprofessional services, etc. They can call the delivery service and make sure the bouquet they have ordered will get in the hands of the right person, at the right time and in the right place, without them having to lift a finger.

Other advantages offered by an online flower shop and, implicitly, Magazinul de Flori

•   The orders can be placed anytime during the day or at night, including during weekends and legal holidays – if you are awake at 4 o’clock in the morning or you have a bit of time on a Sunday evening, you can go online, check the bouquets and choose the one that suits the woman you want to surprise.

•   Services accessible from anywhere – regardless of what you use: laptop, tablet, smartphone, regardless of where you are: home, office, café, subway, as long as you have Internet access, you can order the flowers you want and ask to be sent at the right address.

•   A greater variety of flowers – the neighborhood flower shops do not have enough space or high enough sales as to afford to keep a large variety of flowers. Excepting for the 1st and 8th of March and the beginning of the school year, when everybody buys flowers, almost every flower shop has just some carnations, a few roses and chrysanthemums, generally cheap flowers that last long, so as to avoid seeing them wither in the shop.

•   Easier choices – a great advantage of the online flower shops is that they display images with already made bouquets and you only need to click on the one that suits you best in terms of looks and price. In a traditional flower shop, you will never find an “exhibition” of such magnitude. If, in the first case, the bouquet is made according to the image you pick, in the second one, it should be made before or Magazinul de Flori should have a printed catalog for you to choose from, and neither situation is convenient nowadays.

•   Safe payments, in a lot of ways – when you order a bouquet through Magazinul de Flori, you have the possibility to pay with a large variety of cards, PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram or payment order. Any of these payment options are accepted, and the security and confidentiality of your information is guaranteed.

•   Home delivery or directly to the beneficiary – you pick the address and the hour if you receive the flowers and give them personally, or a representative of Magazinul de Flori hands them to the receiver. While almost every online flower shop uses courier services, your bouquet will be assembled and delivered by a member of the Magaziunil de Flori team, someone who understands how important that bouquet is and will deliver it on time and in perfect condition.

•   The largest cover area in the country – a lot of flower shops only deliver in Bucharest and the big cities, or they depend on the courier network they work with. Magazinul de Flori is the only flower shop with distribution points in over 100 cities all over the country, and, through them, the delivery is prompt t any destination, including the country side. 

•   Personalization opportunities for the bouquets, gifts and messages – besides the standard card, in which you can mention your name and anything else you want, Magazinul de Flori gives you the opportunity to personalize the bouquets and the gift baskets with your name, the company’s name, or even a short message written on a decorative ribbon.

Do not think about it anymore, order now!

You have to admit that the number of occasions when you have to offer presents, to congratulate of encourage someone is getting bigger and bigger. It is not a bad thing, because it means you have a large family, a lot of friends, and the business is going well. However, chasing presents does not really fit in your busy schedule, does it?

Then give up the chase and stop tormenting yourself in the attempt to come up with innovative ideas! Order flower bouquets that will leave their receivers speechless and show them how thoughtful you are and how exquisite your tastes are! You have a lot of options to choose from and a delivery service that can save you a lot of time and trouble, all in one flower shop – Magazinul de Flori.

If you do not know what to choose, you do not find what you are looking for or you have questions related to the services offered by Magazinul de Flori, call the phone number or send a message and you will certainly receive all the information you need within the shortest time possible.

It is so easy to offer happiness, to express your feelings and to make yourself heard! With Magazinul de Flori, you do not have to look for your words, take chances, and consume your energy without having the certainty that your effort will be appreciated!

Just a few clicks will bring you the respect, gratitude and appreciation of the women in your life; will make you the chivalrous and attentive men that nothing and no one can resist. More than a flower shop, Magazinul de Flori is your delight provider!