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Thanks a lot! The basket of flowers sent is wonderful, as are the cookies. Your service is excellent, I have not often seen such customer service. Once again many many thanks!
Miryam O, Apr 1st 2024
Dear Mr. Safciu Thank you for the promptness and for the professionalism shown in processing the order placed by me. Everything went well, exactly as I asked. I will not hesitate in recommending you and to further use your services. Thank you
Ioana Secara, Jan 26th 2024
I placed three orders with you this year and I was very pleased by the quality of your services. For sure I will work with you again and I shall recommend you to friends and colleagues. 
Cecilia G. P, Mar 9th 2024

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If you feel that you will never be able to find the right gifts for the women in your life, if you lack the time and the patience to wander through the stores or you have no idea what would be adequate for the occasion and for the message you wish to send, the solution is simple and more convenient than you have thought: offer flowers!

And no, you do not have to cross the town looking for the right flower shop, you do not have to talk to tired florists who do not understand what you want or they simply do not want to help you, and you do not have to worry that the flowers may wither before reaching their destination! 


You do not even have to deliver the flowers in person if you do not want to! Order them through Magazinul de Flori and you will obtain exactly what you want, when and where you want it, with just a few clicks, through the most efficient flowers delivery service in the country!

But let us take things one at a time, so that you can fully understand why flowers are the best choice, why it is more advantageous to order them online, why Magazinul de Flori is the ideal place for flower orders and how their flowers delivery service can make your life easier and can help you make a better impression and amplify the joy of the women in your life.

The right question would be "why not?". What other alternatives do you have? Jewels are very expensive, you need dimensions, and the person receiving them may not appreciate them. Quality perfumes are also expensive and it is difficult, if not impossible, to guess a woman's tastes as far as they are concerned.

More than that, you have to admit, both jewelry and perfumes are rather intimate gifts – you can offer them to your lover, wife, sister, mother, but not to your work colleagues, clients or supervisors, not to your best friend's lover, to the doctor treating one of your family members or to other women to whom good manners force you to give a present on various occasions, despite the fact that you know nothing of their preferences.

Of course, there are many other gift ideas that may work in certain cases, but, just imagining the impact they would have on the person you offer them to, you will realize that the simplest and most efficient solution is to offer flowers.

Here are 5 arguments for that!

  1. You can find superb, expressive, elegant, luxurious bouquets in any colors and combinations you wish, to send your feelings accurately and make a great impression.
  2. You do not have to worry regarding the tastes of the person receiving them. Any woman, disregarding her financial, professional and emotional situation will be thrilled to receive a flowers bouquet.
  3. If you do not know what her favorite flowers are, you can choose a bouquet that will combine several. One will surely be to her liking!
  4. If you cannot make up your mind on a single color, you can choose a multicolored bouquet that will surely impress her and make her smile!
  5. Besides flowers, you can also offer her chocolate candy, a cake, wine, a stuffed toy or anything else you bought, depending on what matches the occasion and the message you wish to send. 

Of course, the list could continue, but the above reasons should be enough, and a simple look at the bouquets that Magazinul de Flori offers will surely provide all the arguments you may need, out of which, the most important is that:


Just look at the intense and passionate red roses, gerbera, carnations, hypericum or alstroemeria and imagine the woman you love with one of the gorgeous bouquets available on the website in her arms! Or, better yet, imagine her reaction when the flowers delivery boy rings the doorbell and brings her the bouquet you ordered!

If you are there, it may be a great idea to order a bottle of champagne and maybe a box of chocolates as well. Have a toast, share a chocolate candy that turns into a hot sweet kiss and, since one thing leads to another, the ending will surely be a happy one, for both of you!

If you are not there, a teddy bear may be a great idea. She could hug it and sleep with it when you are not around, it would remind her of how much you love her every time you neglect her or do something stupid, it would make her feel young, beautiful and appreciated!

And do not forget about the other women in your life! If you cannot wish your mother or your sister "Happy birthday" in person, at least send her a bunch of white roses and an amandine or diplomat cake! You do not have to go both to Magazinul de Flori and to the pastry shop, just ticking the corresponding box on the flowers orders page is enough if you choose Magazinul de Flori.

You can wish "Happy birthday!" with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and white freesias or a joyful multicolored combination, to your best friend as well. Lilies and orchids are a great choice for business partners, but you just have to let your instinct guide you ask a florist for advice in order to make a great impression!

As for the occasion, just name one on which a flowers bouquet may appear inappropriate! You cannot think of one, can you? That is because flowers are perfect for any occasion: birthdays, name days, corporate or anniversary parties, holidays, weddings or baby showers, even if you offer them to someone in a hospital or at a funeral, you cannot fail with them!

Many men hate the idea of going to a flower shop or visiting the stands downtown in search of the perfect bouquet. Some flower shops offer a wide variety of bouquets and have a lot of clients in a rush, which means that it will take you forever to obtain the desired bouquet, the way you ordered it.

There are some flower shops where you can barely find a couple of roses and some season flowers, where a tired sales assistant seems ready to hit you in the head with them and does not understand that you need a special bouquet, irresistible, perfect for the occasion and the woman to receive it.

There are also flower shops where you do not have to worry about such inconveniences, but the prices for flower orders are double compared to the market average and, let us face it, there is no point wasting money.

And we have not even talked about your busy schedule, the heavy traffic, the time that could pass between the moment when you buy the bouquet and the moment the bouquet reaches its receiver, the distance you have to cover!

  • Comfort – You can place flowers orders from your home, office or while on the road, from your computer, laptop or mobile, whatever is easier for you!

  • Variety – You will find a wide range of flowers, specific to the season and not only, in various colors and sizes, so that you can adapt to any occasion and any tastes, no matter how pretentious.

  • Savings – Ordering flowers online, you save time, effort and money, as you no longer have to travel, wait your turn, carry the flowers, you no longer consume fuel or pay the taxi, and you buy the desired bouquet at a very good price.

  • Support – Every flower shop offers its clients a phone number or an email address to use whenever they need advice regarding the acquisition they plan on making, or when they want to find out more about the additional services available, no matter if we are talking about greeting cards, out of town flowers delivery, etc.

  • Discretion – When you live in a small town, buying a bouquet for someone else than your wife or lover from the flower stand downtown can be a risky choice, but, when you order flowers online, no one will see you with the bouquet in your hand and no one but you will know for whom it was bought.


Of course, there are many other things that can be said here, but you have surely made an opinion by now. All that you have left to do is choose a flower shop that takes flowers orders online and to buy the right bouquet.


Here, you will find a myriad of bouquets, one more beautiful and elegant than the other, meant to compliment even the most pretentious ladies, to bring a smile on anyone's lips and to make any day better, no matter what its significance is.

You can choose from a great variety of flowers, from tulips, hyacinths, roses, carnations and chrysanthemums to gerbera, anthurium, lisianthus, orchids, freesias, pot flowers and more.

You can accompany your flowers orders with just as inspired gifts, like chocolate candy, champagne, cakes or teddy bears. You know better than anyone what would fit the occasion or the respective woman, you just have to tick the appropriate box.

The available flower arrangements are organized by categories: species, colors, holidays or occasions, facilitating your choice, no matter the criterion.

With a simple click, you can only have listed the bouquets that match your criteria.


Upon request, the bouquet can be accompanied by a card, with your name and any message you wish to send on it. No matter if it is a love poem for your loved one, an greeting card for an anniversary, well wishes or your excuses for committing a mistake, not making it to a meeting or not fulfilling certain obligations, your message will be noted and sent as instructed!

This flower shop also offers home flowers delivery services, no matter what the address or the price of the bouquet is. For an insignificant amount, you can avoid long trips, traffic blockages, time waste and nerves, and you can receive the desired bouquet at your door or, even better, you can send it directly to the receiver's door.

You choose the payment method! You can pay with your credit card, Magazinul de Flori using a fast and safe payment system, through PayPal, through a payment order, through fast transfer or in cash, upon delivery. The important part is that you know exactly how much you have to pay and you receive exactly what you have ordered.

Briefly put, Magazinul de Flori gives you the chance to offer the most beautiful and inspired gifts to the women in your life, with no effort.

You just place the order for flowers online, and the bouquets you choose are delivered at the time and date and to the address you specify, in the best conditions!

You will benefit from the quality services that you and the women dear to you deserve!

It is true, fewer and fewer men find the time and courage to offer flowers to the women in their lives. Some blame it on their busy schedule, others consider that flowers are not very practical, and there are some who see no point in offering gifts. 

But you want to stand out, don't? You do not mind showing that you have feelings, that you appreciate your loved one, wife, mother, sister, sister in law, best friend, employee or supervisors, do you? And, if you can make them smile, feel prettier, loved and special without even making any effort, you do not miss out on the opportunity, do you? 

Magazinul de Flori offers you such an opportunity! Actually, by ordering flowers online, you can turn every day into a special occasion! Especially when it comes to women close to you, family members, you should not wait for certain days, but you should turn regular days into holidays, into unforgettable memories, through flowers orders!

With just a few clicks, you can bring a smile on their lips early in the morning or you can help them relax at the end of a busy day.

You can congratulate them, encourage them, thank them, ask for forgiveness or tell them that they are beautiful, that you love them and you admire them!

What will the flowers delivery service this website offers bring you?

First of all, the satisfaction of having made someone happy! Then, a great reputation, because you know that women tell one another everything and gossips spread fast!

Let us not forget about gratitude either! 


And, although you do not want to think about this, unfortunately, life has its ups and downs. Sometimes, destiny keeps you far away from your loved ones, prevents you from attending the important events in their life. You can show them that you are there for them by ordering flowers online.

Other times, the people you care about get sick, or, even worse, leave this world. You cannot take away their pain, but you can make it easier to bear, you can make a hospital room more welcoming with a flowers delivery and a "get well" card.

You cannot bring anyone back to life, but you can express your respect and pay your regrets through a simple and expressing flower arrangement, worthy of the person you lost. You can be there for the family and assure them of your support and solidarity in the same way.

Through the bouquets offered by Magazinul de Flori, you have the chance to express your feelings in the most beautiful way possible, without extraordinary efforts, without exaggerated expenses, doubts or misunderstandings. 

Take advantage of the rich offer, of the safe payments system and of the fast and efficient flowers delivery service that Magazinul de Flori places at your disposal!