49 Ping and White Roses

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833 RON
I have been ordering bouquets for over 10 years through you, this time I needed a wreath with delivery directly to the chapel. Once again, you did not disappoint me. Thank you very much
Silviu Grigore, Feb 2nd 2024
Hello agian, Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful and the delivery was on time and the receiver was very surprised and pleased. Thank you again. Thank you! Regards
Warni Rosland, May 9th 2024
The surprise I wanted to make to my mother came out perfectly and that's thanks to you. Thank you very much for making you a happy mother and daughter and we will definitely hear from you soon!
Mariana P, Apr 20th 2024

This bouquet is a harmonious blend of pink and white roses, two colors that represent deep feelings of love, affection, and purity.

The pink roses are the central flowers of this bouquet and convey the symbol of love, tenderness, and passion. The shade of pink can vary from a light and delicate pink to a deeper and more vibrant hue, offering a note of refinement and femininity.

In contrast, the white roses symbolize purity and innocence. These flowers add a touch of elegance and radiance to the bouquet.

This color combination emits a feeling of sincere love and harmony. The roses are freshly cut, with fine and delicate petals, and emit a subtle fragrance that adds a note of sweetness and romance.

The bouquet is tied with a ribbon or a slender thread in a suitable shade to complete the color combination and give the bouquet an elegant appearance.

A bouquet of pink and white roses is suitable for a variety of romantic occasions, such as proposals, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or even to express deep feelings without a special occasion. It is a classic and timeless choice that will surely delight the recipient and express love and affection in an elegant way.

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