Tania Birthday cake

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340 RON
Good evening, Mr, Stefan, Thank you very much for all your effort in the execution of this delivery. The surprise and the delivery were truly special. As always you did everything to ensure the expected result. Thank you
MARK S, Feb 28th 2024
When you think that in Romania there’s no one who can deliver services with professionalism and determination, I have to admit that your company satisfies its clients. Even though I proceeded shyly and with some mistrust, I now can say to all wanting to contact this company that you should do it with all the confidence because here you can find pros. Only after you make such a gift to a loved one, you can understand how much your gesture can mean. Thank you to the ones who delivered to my mother (in Sinaia) the gorgeous 57 roses. I say thank you to the manager with who I corresponded, from who I almost instantly received answers to my requests and misunderstandings. Trust them, they are good
Simona Manta, Feb 27th 2024
Congratulations for the amazing services! The beauty and the quality of the flowers, you gentleness and promptness guarantee a pleasant experience for us and for those who receive and enjoy the flowers from the “ Magazinul de Flori”! Thank you
Miriam Onaca, Jan 14th 2024

An exquisite cake that employs layered chocolate cream. a chocolate dough and wipped cream

The cakes can only be delivered by the cakes delivery service offered at Magazinul de Flori, the best online flower shop in Romania.

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The combination between candied cherries and chocolate represents a sweet delight for the senses and can spoil the recipient in a special mannet. The online cakes collection available at Magazinul de Flori includes this original cake that combines secret ingredients and is covered in marzipan of different colors, that conveys a special appearance.

This dessert is ideal as a decoration for a festive event and can be the best anniversary gift. If you can't decide between a cherry cake and a chocolate cake, this delicious mixture can be offered as a delicious cocktail.