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833 RON
I will return with the greatest pleasure!
Mikaela R, Jan 27th 2024
We managed to bring a smile to our friend lips! 10 with congratulations, you have from me
N Tudor, Jan 18th 2024
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Everything was perfect ... see you soon for a new order!
Lenuta D, Mar 27th 2024

A rich roses bouquet that employs 49 fresh roses. This immense flowers bouquet contains orange, yellow, pink and white roses that can match any occasion.

Your special someone deserves a fancy treat, and the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori offer this great flowers bouquet. The delivery is assured by the flowers delivery service.

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Roses are the ideal choice for any recipient and occasion, and can be offered as cut flowers in flower arrangements, flower boquuets and potted flowers. Roses are a hybrid plant that was obtain by multiple crossings of wild species.

A rose bouquet can convey different meanings depending in its color. Orange roses are a symbol of enthusiasm, yellow roses express friendship and pink roses bring feminity, while white roses are the definition of tenderness and honesty.