Orange and yellow roses basket

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463 RON
Thank you so much! It was a total surprise, such as the thrill!
C. R, Oct 26th 2020
Thank you very much, the flowers were superb Impeccable the service, very easy online payment. Have a nice day
Anonim, Dec 23rd 2020
Good afternoon, I would like to thank you for the flowers which my mom loved so much. Thank you for all your effort to accommodate all my indications. I will come back to you every time I need some wonderful flowers to send home Thank you again
Veronica Cucuiat, Oct 26th 2020

A flowers basket that exhales optimism and warmth, this arrangement is made of 27 orange roses and yellow roses. This roses basket conveys respect and affection and can be offered as a gift to both ladies and gentlemen. 

The roses arrangement is seated in a flowers basket and artfully arranged by florist designers at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, that offers an online flowers collection with delivery across Romania.

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Roses are the first choice worldwide when it comes to flower bouquets and arrangements. Any occasion can be marked with a roses basket, available in many colors combinations. If you choose to offer yellow roses, you will offer a gift of friendship, warmth and affection. For a stronger impact, offer orange roses that express enthusiasm and strong desire. 

At the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori you will find fresh roses to order, in the most inspiring flower bouquets. The online flowers collection displays a wide variery of roses, in all colores and combinations.