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Thanks for the quick response. Thanks for the excellent service.
Matei, Jun 14th 2022
love ordering flowers from your company. The customer service and quality of flowers is outstanding. Look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks.
Karina, Feb 22nd 2022
I just want to Thank You for your prompt response and understanding. I truely appreciate your efforts for accomodating the additional bouquet. That is service that is above and beyond and I can assure you of my continued loyality to your company in the future. I have worked in the customer service industry for far too many years and know great service when I recieve it.
John, Jul 1st 2022

A grand flowers bouquet that employs 31 pink roses accented with mixed greenery and aspidistra that conveys an elegant aspect. This rose bouquet is ideal for anniversaries, congratulations and formal events.

A formal gift that employs pink roses will enchant anyone with the color delicacy and sweet scent. Magazinul de Flori assures to send this bouquet at the recipient's home by the flowers delivery service.

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Roses were grown in Persia and China for over 5000 years. The europeans tried hard to mimic the sweet scent of old asiatic roses, and failed. Nonetheless, roses are the most popualr choice among cut flowers used in flower bouquets, highly appreciated for their unique shape and colors.

A pink roses bouquet is a symbol of feminity, ideal for formal occasions that demand an elegant gift.