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The bouquet of flowers, delivered by you was very appreciated, with many thanks, that they never received such a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Thank you very much !
Tuica G, May 18th 2021
An old saying tells: strong essences are kept in small bottles - the same thing I can say about the services you chose to deliver to your clients. Although there are many websites offering services like flower delivery and most of them are very well promoted in the virtual environment - you are far better because you are fast, professional, helpful, you show empathy with your customer and that is because you care and you love what you are doing. About the competition, many clients have been disappointed in the freshness of the flowers, services provided and in the existing difference between the flowers on the website and the actual ones delivered. My mother was very touched when she saw a gentleman with a huge flower bouquet for her. The bouquet looked exactly like in your presentation (colors, flowers, decorations). WONDERFUL. Like I previously said on the chat, I will always come back to you.
Simona M, Jul 13th 2021
Thank you for today's delivery, everything turned out perfectly! Serious company. Greetings, I will advertise you.
Adrian P, Sep 25th 2021

A luxuriant roses bouquet that employs 35 red roses, yellow roses and orange roses. A multicolored flowers bouquet that is assorted with greenery and gypsophila, ideal to be offered on special occasions and business events.

Roses are always a pleasant surprise, either they are offered to your loved one, to a friend or for corporate events. The special mix of color shades, from intense red to pink and from delicate orange shades to intense yellow, will convey your most powerful feelings.

Prepare to seduce your recipient with this arrangement of fresh roses and Magazinul de Flori will instantly send this bouquet through the flowers delivery service.

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A rose bouquet that combines many colors represents a true floral treasure for the recipient, since it conveys a bunch of symbols. Red roses express love and passion, pink roses convey elegance and refinement, while orange roses are an expression an enthusiasm. As an extra splash of color, bright yellow roses convey affection.

Choose the occasion and Magazinul de Flori will send this bouquet by the flowers delivery service, that will express your deepest feelings in the most delicate way. You will be represent by an imposing flowers bouquet. An arrangement that employs colored roses is a warrant of success and you will discover the pleasure of offering flowers.