Amandine Cake
Chocolate Treat

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280 RON
The birthday cake which was delivered by you was indeed a very nice surprise! The reality surpassed all expectations! We are impressed with the quality and promptness of your services! Many thanks
Loredana si Adrian, Jan 24th 2023
Hello, I would like to thank you for EVERYTHING: for your patience and understanding that you have shown towards a client as finical as myself, for the velocity and seriousness of your response to my requests, for the scrupulousness and attention to each detail, for your punctuality but most of all for the happiness that I and the beneficiary of the surprise felt. I just want to congratulate you for the quality of your services and to confess that you have open up my appetite for making such kind of surprisesJ Oh! One more thing: all my friends have already received your contact details!
Corina Murariu, Feb 4th 2023
I just spoke with my friend to whom I sent the flowers and she was thrilled with them. She said they were beautiful and fresh and the color was gorgeous. Thanks again and my future flower orders will be with you.
Patricia, Apr 6th 2023

You can spoil her with the unique sensation offered by this Amandine cake that mimics the home baked cookie with an homonymous name. The weight of the cake is 1.2 kg and can be delivered across Bucharest and other cities by the special cakes delivery service. The amazing flavor and perfect layering of chocolate will instantly seduce anyone.

This is the ideal choice from the online cakes selection offered by Magazinul de Flori, since it has special decorations that can vary according to the available stock.

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The online cakes offer displayed at Magazinul de Flori includes this delicious cake that is just as tasty as an amandine cookie and represents and abundance of chocolate. The amandine is renowned for its delicious frosting and the sweet syrup in the dough, that are a delight for senses. The ingredients are combined for a special taste, especially the vanilla and rum essences.

You can order a cake for anniversaries, formal events of to mark a special day such as Valentine's Day.