Anthurium Bouquet

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340 RON
Thank you once again you have proved professionalism! I'll return to your webshop in every occasion :) Thanks!
Codruta, Feb 3rd 2024
The recipient was so excited and keep on telling me of how beautiful the bouquet is! Altho it has gone for a long journey, it still looks soo gorgeous. I’m sorry for such fuss and u was always being so helpful, i appreciate that soo much! I def. gonna shop more at your shop, because of it’s EXCELLENT service and AMAZING product. This is def. the best florist i ever came cross for. I can’t hardly wait to buy something again from Magazinul de Flori, and i wish you all the best!
Mihaela, May 30th 2024
Thanks, ...y’all are awesome
Linda, Jan 6th 2024

An elegant flowers bouquet that is made entirely with fresh anthurium flowers and decorated with exotic greenery. This bouquet can be delivered anywhere in Romania by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

You can offer a great surpise to your loved one by sending quality exotic flowers wrapped in a magical bouquet that can express your most sincere feelings. This anthurium bouquet can be ideal bouquet for any occasion, given the special combination of green and pink anthurium.

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Anthurium are flowers that can be kept indoors since they bloom in any season and they are easy to cater for. Also known as the Flamingo flower, anthurium is a climbing plant that can develop properly in humid and warm places. An anthurium bouquet can represent the perfect gift for the ones who love flowers, since they convey delicacy and refinement to any flowers bouquet and can turn any occasion into a special one.

This tropical flower does not tolerate high temperatures and neither frost. If temperatures go higher than 33 degrees, the color of anthurium flowers can slightly fade.