Calla, roses and gerbera
Pink sensation

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273 RON
Thank you very much, the bouquet was lovely and the flowers fresh. I will never forget the care and consideration that you displayed
Nicola, Apr 24th 2021
Congratulations for the amazing services! The beauty and the quality of the flowers, you gentleness and promptness guarantee a pleasant experience for us and for those who receive and enjoy the flowers from the “ Magazinul de Flori”! Thank you
Miriam Onaca, Feb 20th 2021
The surprise was big (literally and figuratively). it is a gorgeous bouquet (I have not seen it - but I heard), delivered more than punctual (both times). We've managed to be near our mother for her birthday, even if we're 2,500 miles away. Thanks for the second time, even if the first time (5 years ago) we did not left any testimony! Continue all the way in the same way!
Adina D si Dana DD, Mar 1st 2021

Pink symbolizes feminity and is the dominant color in this calla arrangement combined with roses and pink gerbera. An amazing pink design seated in a white ceramic cube of 12cm. The color and shape of the cube may vary according to the available stock and delivery place.

This wonderful flowers basket can be delivered anywhere in Romania. The flowers courier service at Magazinul de Flori assured that the recipient will rejoice a fresh arrangement in an impeccable condition.

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Calla originates in South Africa, and has an exquisite inflorescence with a cylindrical spade and white flower. These flowers have an unique elegance given by the waxy aspect of the petals.

As a cut flower, a calla can last up to 10 days, and that is why is such a populat choice for flower bouquets. When inserted in rose bouquets, callas bring elegance and special symbols.