Decorative Christmas Wreath

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256 RON
Thank you so much! It was a total surprise, such as the thrill!
C. R, May 17th 2023
Mr. Stefan, Thank you for handling my order. I would like to say that my mother was very, very pleased. Last year I used another service and my mother said the roses were horrible. She also mentioned she hadn’t seen in a long time such beautiful flowers - as the ones received from you. Also the delivery person waited for her to arrive from the doctor – 30 minutes or even more. You showed professionalism and proved to be a high quality service. I am very happy and will only use you for Romania from now onwards. It is very difficult to find a Romanian company with international standard services. You have an impeccable service: from the reply emails received very quickly to the product delivery: you are truly excellent. I hope other overseas people will use you. If you wish you can publish this feedback: I hope you have lots and lots of orders and all best until I need your services again. Sincerely,
Elena A, Feb 8th 2023
To be honest, at first I was skeptical about online services, especially with flowers, but you were wonderful and my daughter was very happy with the fresh and beautiful roses! Thank you from the bottom of my heart especially to Mr. Stefan who was very kind! Next time!!!!
Lidia - Roma, Apr 30th 2023

A wonderful pine wreath that is decorated with specific, glittering winter decorations. A holidays arrangement that will bring the fresh pine scent meant to capture the magic of the winter holidays.

Approx. diameter: 30-35 cm..

This product can be delivered by the flowers delivery service offeres at the best online flower shop, Magazinul de Flori.

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The Christmas tree is considered the tree of life, and its symbols are interfered with the three essential stages of life. The custom of decorating the Christmas tree was inspired from the egiptians, but this tradition was spotted for the first time in Riga, in 1520, when Marthin Luther wanted to suggest the falling stars by placing candles in a tee.

Christmas arrangements are  a quite new tradition, since they mimic the Christmas tree in a miniature version. Decorations became more and more sophisticated, keeping the special theme of the winter holidays. 

Elves are used for Christmas decorations since they are a reminder of Santa Claus, a primary symbol of the winter holidays.