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Thank you! I was impressed by your professionalism I have rarely seen such good services in Romania
Florin, Apr 7th 2023
An old saying tells: strong essences are kept in small bottles - the same thing I can say about the services you chose to deliver to your clients. Although there are many websites offering services like flower delivery and most of them are very well promoted in the virtual environment - you are far better because you are fast, professional, helpful, you show empathy with your customer and that is because you care and you love what you are doing. About the competition, many clients have been disappointed in the freshness of the flowers, services provided and in the existing difference between the flowers on the website and the actual ones delivered. My mother was very touched when she saw a gentleman with a huge flower bouquet for her. The bouquet looked exactly like in your presentation (colors, flowers, decorations). WONDERFUL. Like I previously said on the chat, I will always come back to you.
Simona M, Apr 6th 2023
She Loved the Flowers....thanks so much!
Chad, Feb 19th 2023

A fresh fruit cake with a diplomat cream, that can be the ideal dessert for anniversaries or for a festive dinner with the family. This diplomat cake weights at least 1.2 kg and has unique decorations that can vary according to the supplier.

Stylish ornamented online cakes that can be sent by the cakes delivery service at any address in Bucharest or other cities of Romania. The cake is available at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

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A diplomat cake is stabilized with gelatine, and after the ingredients are mixed, the cake is kept in the fridge. The shape of the cake will be that of the initial design in which it's created. The cake has a soft and creamy consistency and an unmatched cake.

The online cakes selection offered by Magazinul de Flori includes diplomat cakes that can be sent at the recipient's home by the cakes delivery, and can represent a pleasant surprise and bring a delicious taste.