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The order arrived on time, on Monday, with your help I managed to make a beautiful surprise for my mother, I saw in the photo the roses that are perfect and the mascot cake is delicious. Thank you and I will definitely order from your company again, in fact it is not the first time I turn to this company. Good luck in the future.
Jeni C, Jan 11th 2021
Hello agian, Thank you so much. The flowers were beautiful and the delivery was on time and the receiver was very surprised and pleased. Thank you again. Thank you! Regards
Warni Rosland, Oct 29th 2020
I am the one thanking you The service was impeccable I wish a very nice rest of the day
Alexa Ctin, Jan 12th 2021

A bouquet inspired by an impressionist painting, that employs orange gerbera  and white chrysanthemums. This rich bouquet is created as a round shaped floral mix for a stunning appearance. The gerbera bouquet is completed  with chrysanthemums and can be offered to a dear friend or to the loved one, as a gift ment to impress.

The online flower shop Magazinul de Flori assures home delivery across Romania for every bouquet in the online flowers collection, by the flowers courier.

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chrysanthemums are among the most popular flowers due to their commercial and decorative value. They are renowned for their strong colors and are available in many different colors. As cut flowers, they can last for up to a month if properly catered for.

A chrysanthemums bouquet can express tendernedd or sobriety, depending on the coloring and shape of the flowers arrangement they are employed in. Magazinul de Flori only uses fresh chrysanthemums for flower bouquets that can match any occasion.