Multicolored freesia cube

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273 RON
Thank you very much! The order arrived very quickly, I am impressed! Congrats on the promptness of your services!
Andrei, Jan 13th 2021
Good evening, Mr, Stefan, Thank you very much for all your effort in the execution of this delivery. The surprise and the delivery were truly special. As always you did everything to ensure the expected result. Thank you
MARK S, Jan 26th 2021
My mother and I are very happy with the order as well. She sent me the picture, impeccable Thank you very much !! I will come back with orders !!
Simona S, Jan 14th 2021

Joy, color and freshness! You will find all these featured in an exquisite flowers arrangement that employs high quality freesia flowers. This freesia bouquet is seated in a black ceramic cube of 12cm that can vary in shape and color depending on the delivery place.

You can now offer this flowers bouquet that reaches perfection, available only at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, that assures flowers delivery across Romania. The flowers courier services provides great services and the recipient will receive an impeccable bouquet.

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Freesia flowers belong to the homonymous genus that contains 16 flower species. Freesias are appreciated for their delicate aspect and special scent, a real enchantment when employed in flower bouquets. These flowers are also used for cosmetics in obtaining scented oils.

At Magazinul de Flori you will find creative freesia bouquets that employs fresh freesia and are delivered at the recipient's doorstep by the flowers courier.