Orange roses basket
Scent of Spring

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350 RON
Thank you for helping to surprise my mother! The flowers are wonderful and the cake is delicious!
Mihaela A, Apr 26th 2022
Thank you for your services, for the promptitude that you have proved and I wish you a lot of continued success. I saw the bouquet and it’s very beautiful. The receiver was very excited and speechless. With respect,
Petrut, May 15th 2022
Dear Mr. Stefan I had a great idea and I picked a great company! Thank you very much for your seriousness Have a wonderful New Year to you, your family and your team! PS – Of course I will contact you again
Ricky Weiss, Aug 9th 2022

An enchanting flowers basket that employs 21 orange roses accented with assorted greenery. The perfect gift to show your dear one how special she is. This floral arrangement employs fresh roses that will impress through the special coloring and scent.

This roses basket with orange roses is available in the online flowers collection displayed by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori

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Modern roses differ from ancient, asiatic roses, that originated in Persia and China. Europeans have struggled to discover the seducing scent of the roses that once bloomed. Despite all that, roses are a popular choice for flower bouquets, since they have an attractive aspect and a sweet fragrance.

A roses bouquet conveys a message of love or friendship. Orange roses are a symbol of strong emotions and passion.