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I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professionalism; I strongly recommend your services to everybody, especially to those outside the country who would like to bring joy to their beloved ones living in smaller cities.
Gabriela Tu, Feb 14th 2021
I am sending you this email because i was very impressed with the quality of your services, advices, patience and especially consistency. This is quite rare in nowadays Romania. Thank you very much.
Anonim, Jul 25th 2021
Thank you very much! All went perfectly and both orders were received with joy. Thank you, I am always very happy with our collaboration, you probably know that I have been using you for years, I think about 10 and you help me a lot to keep in touch with those at home, especially on special occasions. All my respect!
Madalina, Oct 13th 2021

A romantic flowers bouquet that employs 23 red roses, ideal for the moments when you want to show your appreciation. This red roses bouquet is decorated with mixed greenery to obtain an impeccable look and can be offered for formal events and official events. Red roses can be offered to mark the intimate moments with your loved one.

Magazinul de Flori assures flowers delivery across Romania through the flowers courier.

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Roses are a symbol of romance, and red roses convey passion and desire. Roses are available in 8 main colors, but the red ones are especially preferred for flower bouquets to which convey a particular symbol.

A roses bouquet is easy to cater for, since they only need a direct source of light. Magazinul de Flori assures home delivery for the most creative flower bouquets and flower arrangements, to please and enchant the recipient.