Rose Cube
Mixed Decoration

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325 RON
Thanks a lot! The basket of flowers sent is wonderful, as are the cookies. Your service is excellent, I have not often seen such customer service. Once again many many thanks!
Miryam O, Sep 7th 2021
I’m, writing you in regard to a flower arrangement sent to me from your company. They were a Valentines gift from my friend. They were breath taking.
Laura, Apr 4th 2021
Thank you for the delivery and for the fact that you delivered around 9 o'clock, as requested. The bouquet of flowers is very beautiful.
Ligia C, Nov 30th 2021

A ceramic cube that contains delicate flowers for an exceptional flowers arrangement meant to bring color in any decor.  This special decoration employs 19 roses of different colors that are combined with other flowers, all seated in an elegant cube.

This exquisite arrangement can be delivered by the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori, a flowers delivery service.

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Roses have inspired many myths and legends along time since they have been grown for more than 5000 years in Persia and China, their places of origin. The rose is a hybrid species that resulted from multiple crossings of wild species.

As decorative plants, roses are the primary choice in flower bouquets, as they can be easily assorted with other flowers. A rose bouquet will convey beautiful feelings and florists at Magazinul de Flori only choose fresh stems to make sure that any flowers bouquet is an ideal gift!