Tulips and freesia bouquet
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Thank you very much for the great service, I will definitely return
Elena R, Mar 1st 2024
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professionalism; I strongly recommend your services to everybody, especially to those outside the country who would like to bring joy to their beloved ones living in smaller cities.
Gabriela Tu, Feb 27th 2024
Thank you very much! All went perfectly and both orders were received with joy. Thank you, I am always very happy with our collaboration, you probably know that I have been using you for years, I think about 10 and you help me a lot to keep in touch with those at home, especially on special occasions. All my respect!
Madalina, Apr 2nd 2024

A colored flowers bouquet that employs a mix of white tulips, yellow tulips and pink freesia accented with greenery, meant to brighten any room. This wonderful flowers bouquet can be sent for any occasion: anniversaries, appreciation gifts, women's day, but also for a love statement. 

You can order this tulips bouquet at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori that assures a prompt and proffesional shipment by the special flowers courier.

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The tulip belongs to the Liliaceae family, available in over 150 different species, and a very populat choice due to the special bulbs with concentric layers. Tulips are widely used for flower bouquets given the fact that they are perennial plants (they can last over winter).

The cup shaped flowers are colored and attractive, that is why a tulips bouquet represents a refined floral gift, with a great decorative value.