White roses, lilies and gerbera
Snow White

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260 RON
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! With your help I managed to bring a little comfort to my family ….. thank you and I will contact you for happier moments as well! See you soon
Andreea Zlatan, May 2nd 2021
Dear Stefan I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary services of Magazinul de Flori. Especially now during the pandemic, flowers were the medium of communication with our loved ones, especially for us so far away. This year I think I made about 6 orders (& counting). Yesterday's one, made by my husband to his mother, left many tears :) St. Mary follows immediately now.
Stefania L, Jul 22nd 2021
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your company. Everything you say about your product is true. The orchis were so fresh, they lasted over a month
Diana, Jan 29th 2021

An exquisite arrangement with roses, lilies and white gerbera, that exhales purity and elegance and is seated in a ceramic cube of 12cm. The shape and color of the cube may vary according to the stock and delivery place. This superb floral design can be offered on any occasion for a guaranteed success. 

Magazinul de Flori can deliver this arrangement anywhere in Romania through the online flowers delivery service assured by the local florists network.

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The white rose is considered the bride's flower since it conveys purity and is associated with fresh new beginnings. A roses arrangement is ideal for festive and sumptuous occasions, but also for intimate moments. When combined with lilies, roses express elegance and style, through their exquisite shape and sweet scnet.

The expert designer florists at Magazinul de Flori create original and sophisticated flower arrangements, that can be delivered anywhere in Romania by the local florists network.