Strelitia bouquet
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Thank you very much for the delivery. You have shown professionalism, I will definitely use your services with confidence in the future
Tao, 7 Apr 2020
Good evening, I wanted to congratulate you for the best services and professionalism. If in the beginning I had some fears, from now on I will be a faithful costumer and everytime I will need, I will get your services and I will recomand your business to everyone I know. Sincerely yours,
Catalin Puscasu, 29 Feb 2020
Good evening Mr. Safciu, everything worked perfect. The roses bouquet was very nice! Thank you for your service!
Daniela H, 16 Iun 2020

Astound her with a flowers bouquet meant to enchant with exotism and uniqueness. This strelitia bouquet is the ideal choice for a special floral gift that will make her feel precious.

A fresh selection of 7 strelitia flowers that are employed in a wonderful bouquet, with shipment by the flowers delivery service offered at Magazinul de Flori.

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Strelitia is also known as the bird of paradise, given the exotic aspect of its inflorescence. When it blooms, the color shades mimic the plumage of an exotic bird.

A strelitia bouquet is ideal for rooms that lack color, since this flower offers a visual show and it's easy to cater for. Letting flowers aside, the foliage is also extremely attractive, since the leafs have a centered red rib.