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Everything was perfect to thye very last detail. Even the boy who delivered had a role in the suirprise. The flowers are superb....and you have now a truthful client.
Stefan Tintila, Feb 27th 2024
Good afternoon, I will leave the thank you note for the end because I feel the need to explain myself for the reasons that drive me to congratulate you and in the same time thank you for everything. First time I only dared to believe that it’s a random thing that you actively participated in a “complicated” surprise giving the kilometers you had to pass to reach the receiver. But I was happy to learn than my mum’s smile was caused by you too. Now, my expectations and the thrills as well, were even higher….it was suppose to be a special surprise, the kind of surprise that leaves you breathless and it was “vital” for you to help me put it scene exactly as I imagined it long time ago. On Saturday, I don’t know who was more nervous, me or the “surprised person”. All I know is that I was ok after you called saying: “ the delivery was successfully made and the secret kept :)))”. For being a party, for understanding and most of all for the help you gave me in delivering a smile, THANK YOU! Have a wonderful day
Corina Murariu, Mar 29th 2024
Thank you very much for the fast service, products and delivery. 
Vlad T, Jan 12th 2024

An incredible chocolate cake that has one of its chocolate layers replaced by white mousse cream. The weight of this chocolate cake is at least 1.2 kg and is meant to be offered on anniversaries, formal parties or just to offer a sweet moment to your dear one. This modern fresh cake is available for a cake order that can turn into a visual delight.

Cakes can only be delivered in Bucharest, by the cakes delivery service offered at Magazinul de Flori, a wonderful display of online cakes.

For the rest of Romania we can deliver Amandina Cake, Diplomat Cake, Meringue Cake and Richard Cake

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A chocolate cake represents an energy booster and is the most preffered design among those who have a sweet tooth. You can offer a fresh cake that combines special ingredients that are carefully chosen by expert confectioners. Magazinul de Flori offers quality online cakes that have an unique design and can be offered on anniversaries and special celebrations.

You can order cakes that can be sent at the recipient's home, who will enjoy a sensational display and unique taste.