Round shaped sunflower bouquet
Aestival Bouquet

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Thank you so much for your help with order.  Amazing customer service.  I will definitely come back and use your service above all others.  
Alex, Jan 6th 2022
Thank you very much for professionalism! I will call you again with confidence for future special events in the lives of those dear to me . Best regards and a nice weekend
Madalina, Jan 8th 2022
Thank you for your always reliable service. It matters a lot. I have been buying flowers through your store for years. You are professional and serious. Bravo!
Ioana Z, Jul 27th 2022

An aestival delight, this sunflower bouquet is designed to complete the collection of wonders brought by summer, since is made with fresh flowers that exhale an unique scent.

A cheerful flowers bouquet that brings energy and optimism but also elegance. Magazinul de Flori provides a sure delivery and the bouquet will arrive in an impaccable condition, sent through the flowers delivery service.

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Any flowers bouquet that employs sunflowers conveys optimism and energy, given the vibrant yellow color and the energizing scent.

Sunflowers are native to North America, and they are now grown around the world, for their oil obtained from seeds, but also for their decorative value.

A sunflower bouquet does not require special conditions, since sunflowers only need a strong light source. Magazinul de Flori only employs fresh flowers and a sunflower bouquet is meant to enchant anyone.