Colored miniature roses bouquet

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390 RON
Thank you for the flower basket delivered! My mother was pleasantly surprised, the extraordinarily beautiful roses and the exceptional arrangement! Thank you so much!!!
Oana Maria, Aug 5th 2023
Maria M, Jul 28th 2023
Raluca B, May 26th 2023

This flowers bouquet employs 21 long stem miniature roses (70 cm) that are artfully arranged in a rich and colored presentation.

This arrangement represents a splash of color and conveys multiple meanings. This miniature roses bouquet is made by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori.

A flowers bouquet that is ideal to add color to any decor and bring joy, can be sent by the flowers delivery service.

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Miniature roses are also called mini-roses and they are an assortment of regular roses. Even though their flowers are small, they exhale a very strong scent, representing a special gift when they are used in a greatly ornamented arrangement.

A miniature roses bouquet expresses tenderness and when they are combined in many colors they convey optimism and joy.

These flowers originate from the chinese rose, and a flowers bouquet that contains miniature roses will convey exoticism.