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Thank you very much for yesterday’s perfect delivery for my mother’s birthday – not only the flowers were beautiful but the delivery guy was very kind and kept the surprise until the very last moment! We are ordering from you for a few years now – and we are very pleased that you standards are always high. What a wonderful service you have, to bring such joy in people’s lives with your high quality products promptly delivered by smiling and nice employees – you should serve as an example for all the ones starting a business in Romania, as if there were more like you, Romania wouldn’t have been in the crisis today!
Daniela si Matei - Londra, Jun 2nd 2022
Hi, thank you so much for the cake. It was delivered on time; your professionalism will certainly determine me to use your services on the near future. And I use the delivery services quite often. Thank you so much once again for everything; we will certainly hear each other soon Yours faithfully,
Adina Maynardit, Aug 17th 2022
I am the one thanking you The service was impeccable I wish a very nice rest of the day
Alexa Ctin, Jan 7th 2022

This flowers bouquet employs 21 long stem miniature roses (70 cm) that are artfully arranged in a rich and colored presentation.

This arrangement represents a splash of color and conveys multiple meanings. This miniature roses bouquet is made by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori.

A flowers bouquet that is ideal to add color to any decor and bring joy, can be sent by the flowers delivery service.

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Miniature roses are also called mini-roses and they are an assortment of regular roses. Even though their flowers are small, they exhale a very strong scent, representing a special gift when they are used in a greatly ornamented arrangement.

A miniature roses bouquet expresses tenderness and when they are combined in many colors they convey optimism and joy.

These flowers originate from the chinese rose, and a flowers bouquet that contains miniature roses will convey exoticism.