Lilies and minigerbera bouquet
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Thank you very much! You guys are professionals!
E. H, Nov 2nd 2022
We gladly recommend them, quality services and special crowns.
Gina D., Nov 19th 2022
The order arrived on time, on Monday, with your help I managed to make a beautiful surprise for my mother, I saw in the photo the roses that are perfect and the mascot cake is delicious. Thank you and I will definitely order from your company again, in fact it is not the first time I turn to this company. Good luck in the future.
Jeni C, Dec 6th 2022

A flowers bouquet that can mark special occasions, an arrangement that is a delicate and imposing way to express your feelings.

The combination of white lilies and yellow minigerbera can only lead to a spectacular effect. Order this bouquet that inspires freshness and refinement, and you can be sure that the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori will only use fresh flowers and the recipient will feel flatered.

You can send flowers at home anywhere in Romania, and you are assured that this minigerbera and lilies bouquet will arrive in a perfect condition.

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Lilies are a great symbol of elegance and a flowers bouquet that employs lilies will assure you that you can offer an ideal floral gift.

Yellow minigerbera flowers are a perfect assortment next to white lilies, and a bouquet that combines refinement and elegance is the perfect offer. In antiquity, for both greeks and romans, lily was a symbol of triumph and was used as a decoration for winners, but also as a floral sacrifice for the goddess of beauty.

Today, lilies are used for flower arrangements and they can be offered on specific occasions.