Lilies, gerbera and orange

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340 RON
Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for the quality of your service; the receiver of the gift was thrilled by its design and by your delivery. Wish you the best of luck Regards
Ioana Tomescu, Apr 2nd 2024
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your promptness, speed and quality! I am your loyal client for the last few years and through you I manage every year to make my mother happy, 2000km away from me, in Targu-jiu. For this reason, you have all my respect and respect and thank you once again!
Anca M, Feb 15th 2024
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your professionalism. It’s nice to know that even from a distance we can bring joy to those we left at home. My father was very surprised; he wasn’t expecting anything like this. It’s wonderful to know that in Romania one can have access to ways of not forgetting the beloved ones.
Madalina Mercea - Montreal, Canada, Mar 8th 2024

A cheerful and optimistic bouquet that employs lilies, gerbera and orange chrysanthemums, in order to surprise your dear ones for any occasion. This lily bouquet is assorted with gerbera and chrysanthemums and can be offered for anniversaries, formal events and memorable moments. 

The delivery is assured by the local florists network from Magazinul de Flori, where you can order flowers online. The bouquet is artfully arranged by the expert florists at Magazinul de Flori that only create modern designs.

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Lilies are a symbol of respect and beauty, as they were used as a sacrifice the the goddess fo beauty. It's the oldest plant grown by men and was used as an ornament in all historical ages.

Today, lilies are usually offered for formal events. A floral mix that employs lilies, gerbera and chrysanthemums is meant to bring elegance in any room and please any recipient. These combination of orange flowers makes a graceful and charming flowers bouquet of fresh flowers, that can be sent by Magazinul de Flori through the flowers delivery service.