Multicolored tulips bouquet

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Everything was perfect ... see you soon for a new order!
Lenuta D, Feb 25th 2021
Thank you for the flower basket delivered! My mother was pleasantly surprised, the extraordinarily beautiful roses and the exceptional arrangement! Thank you so much!!!
Oana Maria, Oct 25th 2021
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful flowers! Mom was thrilled with them and Dad was super excited about the Chocolates. And I am especially grateful because I know that if I order from you the quality is guaranteed! I wish you a wonderful day ahead!
Ramona, Mar 30th 2021

There is nothing to equal the effect of a tulips bouquet that employs fresh flowers. This flower bouquet contains 33 multicolored tulips, that can vary according to the available stock.

You can combine red tulips, yellow tulips, orange tulips and pink tulips, all available in the flowers collection at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori. The expert florists will artfully combine them in a creative bouquet that will exhale a fresh and attractive scent. Simply order flowers and the flowers courier assures instant delivery!

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Tulips can be used for flower bouquets for different occasions, since they are perrenial plants that can bloom even in harsh conditions. A tulips bouquet can come in different shapes and multiple colors combinations, but the occasion establishes the gift to be offered. Magazinul de Flori can always present the ideal gift to match any occasion.