Passion Fruit Bouquet

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Hello, Thank you very much for the delivery. The surprise was perfect and I just want to say Thank you for the offered services. With respect,
Valentina Tupu, Sep 14th 2021
The roses came today. They were gorgeous ? a total night & day difference from what I received in the original shipment. Thank you for making this right.
Michael, Sep 3rd 2021
Hi, I must thank you so much for the products delivered and your help for celebrating my mother beautiful age of 50 years. It was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake, I saw the photos and i heard my family feedback. Thank you again for what you do and also for hepling us, those who live far away from home. You connect us with our loved ones from home. A beautiful day!
Alexandra C, Feb 23rd 2021

A Different Way Of Saying "I Love You"

We all associate red with love, passion and romanticism, but this bouquet emanates them through each of its petals. Maybe roses no longer impress anyone, but this breathtaking combination of ranunculus, hypericum, alstroemeria, gerbera and tulips will surely touch and conquer. 

Of an outstanding simplicity, elegance, expressivity and richness, they represent the perfect modality of laying the foundation of a passionate and happy romantic relationship, of consolidating an existing one or celebrating one that is already writing history. 

Offered on special occasions or as a surprise, it will make any woman feel special, loved and accomplished, it will boost her self-confidence and make her smile. If you want to bring a burst of passion and spontaneity in your relationship, this bouquet will surely help!

Why this bouquet?

No matter if you are the romantic type that does not think twice before offering a flower or, on the contrary, such gestures are not really in your nature, with this bouquet, you will make her forget about all of your faults and love you more than ever.

It is a great way to emphasize your imagination and fine taste, a compliment that any woman longs for and will know how to repay. More than that, ordering the flowers online, you can make sure she will get it when she least expects it, without you having to face the heavy traffic or the bad weather outdoors! Order it now through Magazinul de Flori and become the man of her dreams! 

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