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Dear Mr. Safciu Thank you for the promptness and for the professionalism shown in processing the order placed by me. Everything went well, exactly as I asked. I will not hesitate in recommending you and to further use your services. Thank you
Ioana Secara, Mar 28th 2024
Many thanks for the promptness and professionalism that you showed! The Bouquet of flowers and cake were superb and my mom was super happy by this surprise!
Teodora, Londra, Apr 19th 2024
The roses came today. They were gorgeous ? a total night & day difference from what I received in the original shipment. Thank you for making this right.
Michael, May 1st 2024

A natural pine wreath that is decorated with shiny and delicate ornaments, making a Christmas decoration that will bring the fresh pine scent in any room.

Approx. diameter: 30-35 cm


Depending on the selected color, the ornaments for the holidays arrangements can differ slightly. The decorations are made per order, so the images are presented with a purely informative purpose.

This product can be delivered through the gifts delivery service offered by the best holiday decorations online shop in Romania. 

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The custom of decorating the Christmas tree was observed in Egipt, where houses were decorated with palm leaves in the very day of the winter solstice. In time, the art of Christmas ornaments has started to evolve and they are now made in different shapes and colors.

The main colors for Christmas arrangements are red and green, to which silver and golden decorations can be added. Christmas wreaths can be hanged on the door or placed in the room to keep the fresh pine scent. Wreaths usually come with a ribbon wrapped around them that conveys a festive and elegant aspect. Magazinul de Flori always uses new designs for holiday decorations that are delivered in an impeccable condition at the recipient’s home.