Potted Yellow Phalaenopsis

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208 RON
Mom got the flowers today. She said they are very beautiful. Thanks a bunch!
Cristina, Mar 24th 2021
Thank you very much! The surprise was amazing, the flowers were wonderful! You’ve just earned a new client! An excellent service, which to be honest with you, I didn’t expect!
Anamaria, Feb 14th 2021
Good evening. For the first time, yesterday I placed an order with you and I was very impressed. Congratulations, everything was perfect, excellent birthday cake, wonderful roses and on time delivery. With your help, I managed to bring happiness to my mom as I am working far away from the country. Thank you & I will for sure use your services in the future.
Jeni C, Apr 14th 2021

A precious floral gift ideal to make her feel special. This potted floral arrangement with Yellow Phalaenopsis represents a real enchantment for senses. A white orchid will last for a long time if properly catered for. Any special occasion can be marked with a potted orchid meant to please anyone.

The delivery for this orchid is assured by the flowers delivery service offered by Magazinul de Flori.

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The Phaleaenopsis orchid is also known as the moth orchid given to the specific aspect. This is the most encountered genus of orchids that originate in Asia. An orchid that is seated in a pot can last for a long time and is very easy to cater for.

The plant has to be watered a few times a week and has to be kept under light exposure. Magazinul de Flori only employs fresh orchids in flower arrangements that can be delivered in the shortest time by the flowers courier.