Proteea, lilies and santini

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Thank you so much for the promptitude you quality, i will use your service again for sure! A wonderful day! Thank you very much!
Cristina C, Jul 25th 2022
Thanks for the beautiful bouquet of tulips delivered. I will definitely remain your client and I will be happy to recommend you. All the best!
Mariana A., May 22nd 2022
am writing to thank you very much for everything and to send my highest appreciation for you and your team. Everybody was impressed. PS: I will for sure spread the word
Cristina C, Jun 2nd 2022

Offer exotism with this amazins proteea arrangement, an exotic flower composed by many small inflorescences. In this bouquet, the royal proteea is assorted with orange lilies and santini to create a refined and elegant design. The combination of colors and styles is what makes this flowers arrangement really unique.

This bouquet employs fresh flowers and is artfully arranged by florists at Magazinul de Flori. The bouquet can be delivered anywhere in Romania by the flowers delivery service,

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Royal proteaa is one of the oldest flowers in the world and the national flower of South Africa. The flower is pink and has red edges, but some can have yellow color shades. Horticulturists have identified 81 proteea varieties so far.

When combined with lilies, proteea has a particular refinemend, conveyed by the elegance in this special bouquet made by Magazinul de Flori, that is available in the online flowers collection and can be sent at home.