Purple Symphony

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Thank you very much! The flowers are very beautiful and my mother was thrilled about the surprise. Congratulations for your professionalism and for the quality of the services you’re providing! It’s something rare in Romania….the best of luck in the future! Have a nice day
Roxana P, Jun 12th 2023
Thank you very much for the fast service, products and delivery. 
Vlad T, Mar 29th 2023
All the flowers on your website are beautiful and I hope to order from you again in the future.
Tanya, Sep 12th 2023

Purple Roses, Pink Peonies, Pink Tulips And Pink Roses With Phitosporum - Purple Symphony – Color Her Life!

A round, feminine bouquet, truly sweet and delicate, made of two kinds of roses accompanied by pink tulips and peonies. The newly opened flowers are highlighted by the phitosporum leaves cleverly placed here and there. 

The delicate tulips shyly hide between the fragrant roses and the robust peonies, covered by the leaves of the decorative plant. The flowers’ stems are tied with a pinkish ribbon. 

Such a diaphanous bouquet fits any delicate and elegant lady. Whoever she is – mother, lover, wife, colleague - she will be thrilled to be given such a gift. 

Why this bouquet?

The combination indicates elegance, tenderness and sensibility. The flowers complete each other harmoniously and they are all rounded up by the green décor. 

Sometimes, an artful bouquet can say more than a thousand words. Whenever you are at a loss of words, let this beautiful bouquet do the talking for you. It will certainly not fail! There is a special lady in every one’s live. You do not need a special occasion to tell her you love her, appreciate and respect her – it can all be transmitted simply, through such a beautiful bouquet. 

With Magazinul de Flori, you can place flowers orders from anywhere in the country. Also, your bouquet can be accompanied by a greeting card or a note, chocolate, champagne or a funny teddy bear. Take advantage and bring some color into her life with this lovely bouqet!

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