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Thank you very much for the orders! The bouquets are beautiful and the cake is sensational! Have a great day.
V Neagu, Nov 20th 2021
Good Afternoon, Thank you for the kindness and for the professionalism with which you delivered the order. To be honest with you I had some fears regarding the delivery. The quality of your service is very high. The surprise was perfect. My mother was so impress that she couldn’t refrain her tears. Because of the distance, I was not able to see the flowers or to taste the birthday cake and Champaign, but my mother’s comments and her reaction, said all the necessary words. Thank you for contributing to such a lovely surprise and because you put a smile on her face. I hope the next order will be just as successful! good luck
Elis, Oct 15th 2021
Thank you, Stefan. Pleased to receive confirmation. We use services of your company for 4 years. I live in the US, the family is at home in Romania. You have always have been prompt and impeccable service. I am going to order from your company in the future. Thanks 
Ioana, Jan 23rd 2021

The combination of red roses and white lilies in a flowers bouquet is ideal for anniversaries, festive occasions or parties. The mixture between the delicate lilies and the passion exploding red roses made this floral design an enchantment and the best choice in the online flowers collection.

The delivery can be made anywhere in Romania, by the flowers courier offered at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

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Lilies are a symbol of triumph and hope, and along the history they were the symbol of masculinity, since they were chosen as a mark for the French crown. The lily is the oldest plant grown by men, and can be identified by the graceful aspect, but also by the seducing scent. A lily bouquet can be offered on festive occasions as a sign of respect and admiration.