Red roses and pink tulips bouquet

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330 RON
Maria M, Jun 21st 2021
Thank you for the flower basket delivered! My mother was pleasantly surprised, the extraordinarily beautiful roses and the exceptional arrangement! Thank you so much!!!
Oana Maria, Jul 2nd 2021
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful flowers! Mom was thrilled with them and Dad was super excited about the Chocolates. And I am especially grateful because I know that if I order from you the quality is guaranteed! I wish you a wonderful day ahead!
Ramona, Jul 29th 2021

A visual enchantment that will impress the recipient with the majestic aspect and the special symbol of flowers. The bouquet employs red roses and enchanting pink tulips. Red roses convey romance and passion, and pink tulips are known to express friendship and devotement. 

This roses and tulips bouquet can be sent anywhere in Romania by the flowers courier service available at Magazinul de Flori.

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Roses can be offered on any occasion, either to make a wish with a floral message, or to surprise someone dear. Roses can last longer as cut flowers, especiallt if they have a light source. This also enchances their sweet scent, given to the intense photosynthesis process.

Roses come from Asia, from where they spread across Europe and North America, becoming fastly popualar in flower bouquets. A roses bouquet conveys grace and passion. At Magazinul de Flori you will find the ideal roses for any occasion and unique flower bouquets.