Roses and miniature roses bouquet
Autumn Sunset

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Dear Mister Safciu Stefan, Following the orders requested to your company, yesterday on the 31st of January, I wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery of the present and for the quality of the products. Thank you for your kindness and avaibility. Yours sincerely,
Carmen Gainariu, Mar 12th 2024
Good evening, I wanted to congratulate you for the best services and professionalism. If in the beginning I had some fears, from now on I will be a faithful costumer and everytime I will need, I will get your services and I will recomand your business to everyone I know. Sincerely yours,
Catalin Puscasu, Feb 29th 2024
Thank you for the gorgeous flowers. I sent the bouquet as a very special thank you. They are magnificent!
Ion, Feb 15th 2024

An imposing bouquet that employs 11 orange roses and 6 miniature roses, tied with an assorted bow. In order to bring a splash of color that can dilute the effect of autumn melancholy, florists at Magazinul de Flori choose only fresh flowers that are artfully arranged in this creative roses bouquet.

The flowers delivery service assures to send this flowers bouquet anywhere in Romania, to offer the recipient a great gift as a flowers chandelier.

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Miniature roses are also known as mini-roses and they originate in China, as a modern flower of the Rosa chinesis. These tiny flowers have various colors and a special scent.

A flowers bouquet that employs roses and miniature roses is the pure expression of romance. For an exceptional roses bouquet, miniature roses can be combined in pastel and matching colors.

In accordance with the autumn melancholy, orange roses can be offered to boost the emotion and passion of a fall day.