Roses bouquet and chocolate

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Thank you very much. The delivery was made. The surprise was a success. Next time I will pleasurably contact you again. You are awesome Have a nice weekend
F. A, Feb 7th 2022
Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for the quality of your service; the receiver of the gift was thrilled by its design and by your delivery. Wish you the best of luck Regards
Ioana Tomescu, Jul 27th 2022
Thank you for being so understanding. I never have worked with a company who takes so much care into making sure their customers are satisfied. I do understand about the weather and know that this time period is very hectic. Thank you for the excellent customer service. I will be sure to come back to use your service. Again, thank you for your excellent customer service!
Erin, Apr 30th 2022

A special bouquet that employs red roses for which a delicious chocolate box is offered, that can guarantee your success in surprising your loved one. This exquisite flowers bouquet is made with 11 red roses arranged in a round shaped bouquet and a high quality chocolate box. An impeccable roses bouquet can be offered on the most romantic moments in order to make the recipient share a big smile.

This bouquet can be sent by the flowers delivery service offered at the online flower shop Magazinul de Flori.

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Flowers are a gentle expression of love, but roses are the special messangers of romance. A roses bouquet is ideal for any occasion, given the special symbols conveyed by their special appearance.

Red roses can express either desire or sensuality, according to the red shade in the arrangement. Roses have the appearance of a bush and they are hybrid species obtained by multiple crossings of wild species. The roses arrangements represent exquisite floral gifts in many flower combinations.