Roses bouquet
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228 RON
Another satisfied customer. I never expected so many beautiful roses and daisies. The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. Will be seeing you in the near future. Thanks again.
Gina, May 10th 2021
The bouquet is in perfect shape and is really a beautiful composition of flowers. Thank you.
Laura, Feb 18th 2021
Thank you for your professionalism. i will order in future with pleasure from you. Have a nice week.
Cristina B, Jul 1st 2021

A flowers bouquet that is ideal for joyous moments and to announce good news! Choose this roses bouquet combined with miniature roses and greenery that can bring a smile to your special someone. Offer an exquisite flowers arrangement that employs 11 roses in shades of red, pink, orange and orange miniature roses accented with greenery for a great contrast.

Once you choose the recipient, the best flowers delivery service is at your disposal to send this bouquet anywhere in Romania.

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Flowers are a delicate way to express your feelings, and there is nothing to equal the effect of a roses bouquet offered by Magazinul de Flori.

Roses are the main choice when it comes to romance, and colored roses convey a large palette of symbols. Red roses convey passion, orange roses bring optimism and yellow roses are a symbol of affection and friendship. 

Roses are perennial plants that are easy to cater for and are highly appreciated for their colors and scent. In order to create the ideal flower arrangements, roses are the ideal choice!