Roses Bouquet
White and Red

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Dear Mr. Stefan, I hope you had a nice weekend! Just wanted to let you know that my mother very happily received the basket with roses.She sent me the photos and indeed the flowers looked amazing. Congratulations for the quality of your services and thank you for helping me to send my mother such an exceptional gift. The best of luck and we’ll be in touch
Corina Lucica, Apr 2nd 2024
I was told that the flowers that were delievered were beautiful. Thank you once again for your assistance.
Sandy, May 8th 2024
Thank you very much for your promptness. It’s amazing how you can make such surprises even from thousands of km in distance. It was a surprise even for me giving that the flowers arrived way earlier! I will surely contact you again
Laura Cosma, Jun 29th 2024

Show her how special she is and make her feel unique by offering her an exquisite roses bouquet. Adorn her with the purity in a white rose, the centerpiece in a bouquet that contains 24 red roses stems. 

This bouquet can be found in the online flowers collection at Magazinul de Flori, that assures flowers delivery across Romania through the local florists network. 

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Roses are the ultimate floral symbol for passion, but they also convey grace and tenderness. Roses were grown for over 5000 years in Persia and China, as a hybrid flower obtained by successive crossings of wild species.

They are now the most popular choice for flower bouquets, appreciated for the velvety aspect of the petals, but also for their sweet scent. A roses bouquet will exhale a strong perfume if places in a direct light source. 

A combination of white and red roses results in a special contract that will make the recipient feel unique.